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We've only had Boomer for a week now (we adopted him at 8 months old). He came with his viv (which has very little in it) and everything they had for him. I've been doing a lot of reading and I have a feeling he hasn't been getting the proper lighting/heat. Right now he has an "All living things: Basking Bulb 100w"... and then a black light for night time.

From what I can tell, he hasn't been getting the correct UVB lighting. I have NO idea what kind of bulb his black light bulb is.

I'm going to be getting him a cermaic heat emitter for night... but during the day time, would a clear house hold bulb work along with some sort of UVB bulb? Any suggestions?

*I got him to eat out of my hand yesterday! :]*


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ditch the black light and hold off on the CHE, if your temps don't fall below 65 degrees than there is no need for one, i thought about doing the same then but i asked and thats what they have told me and with the price of the CHE i was glad i didn't get one. The basking bulb is ok depending on the size of the tank it may be a little much if in a smaller tank. For uvb you can either get tube style bulbs which are cheaper but dont last as long or you can get mercury vapor bulbs which are kind of pricey but last twice as long or longer and they also provide heat as well, so your killing two birds with one stone. Make sure your tank is big enough if you want to go with the MVB tho, i believe a 40 gallon breeder is the smallest acceptable. IF you go with the tube style get a decent bulb, reptisun 10.0 seems to be the best out there right now and thats what many recommend and use, as do i. With this bulb you want a distance of 6-8 inches, and you will need a heat source either your basking bulb or just a household bulb will do, and place them next to each other so your beardie is below both of them at the same time. With the proper light and heat you should see a big improvement in the eating and behavior of your beardie. 100-110 degrees on the hot side and 85 or so for the cool. each beardie is different some like it hotter and some dont so 105-110 may be too much, just have to get a feel for your beadie and what suites him best. any more questions feel free to ask thats why we are here
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