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I have a 16 month old dragon named Tigger! He is in his 36x18x18 enclosure still due to the fact personal transgressions stopped me from being able to get him into his 4x2x2 enclosure yet. I realized today I got the wrong % of UVB. It sits on top of his enclosure on a mesh screen and the bulb is probably around 12-12 1/2” away from his spot. I am very worried I have over exposed him to it! It’s the Arcadia t5 HO 14% + D3 UVB 22”. Will this harm him? Should I buy the 12%? I’m so panicky. I’ve had this new bulb for awhile now when I replaced the 12% idk why I just noticed it now!


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The 14% is pretty powerful, but I think that since the screen will intercept some of the output and if he has areas of shade that he can move to and avoid the most intense UVB, it won't be harmful. They can tolerate fairly high UVB exposure, just not constantly and it's not good if they don't have a place to go with little to no UVB if they choose to. If you are using a screen top, the 12% is optimal at around 10-12'' or so and 12-14'' without the screen in the way. I haven't tested the 14% myself yet, but from what I've read, that is best at around 18-24'' without a screen so optimal distance with a screen top is probably in the 14-18'' range. The difference of a couple of inches in your case is not likely to have caused a problem.

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