lighting for my baby bearded dragon

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With my cage next to the window with direct sunlight for more than half the day. Do i need a UVB light and if so what kind? My tank is a 30 gallon tank. I went to an expo 2 weeks ago and the breeder told me a coil uvb light was good enough, now i hear different.


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On the coil uvb its kinda up in the air. But yes you need uvb, glass blocks all uvb from penetrating into the enclosure. Even screen will block out some of the uvb.


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what FoothillBeardie said is correct, glass will block UVB rays. Most people on this board will recommend a linear UV bulb. I prefer the Reptisun 10.0 bulb.

if you glass tank is in the direct sunlight, make sure you are watching the temperatures when it's in the sun and that it's not getting too hot. The glass tank will heat up with the sunlight.
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