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Hey everyone,

I have been toying with the idea of switching my beardie over to bioactive for more enrichment and fun. Everything is set up, I am just giving the new tank (36x18x18 Exo Terra) some time to develop first before putting him in there.

The only thing that is stumping me is lighting. I have his UVB (34" T5 HO) and basking bulb sitting on top of his cage (unobstructed from mesh). As well as a CHE for night time to keep his immune system up since he was sick. But when I switch him over to bioactive I will have to add a grow light for plants as well. And its already so full of lights and fixtures.

Which do you think would work out better, a double bulb fixture to tidy everything up to include the UVB and grow light or a dedicated grow light like the jungle dawn?

Also, do you think this is too much light? I feel like its pretty excessive with UVB, Basking, and Grow light for his eyes.

Here is a pic of his current set up: on top.

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As long as the lighting stays overhead, it should be OK. I'd probably go with the dual fixture from LightYourReptiles and use the 6500k bulb. If that doesn't help, you can switch that one out for a different T5 to help with the plant growth.


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You defienlty need the Jungle dawn LED BAR I have 2 24 inch jungle Dawn's in my 6ftx2ftx2ft just need one of the uvb linear lights Arcadias deep heat projector is good too so you have full spectrum. Jungle dawn does more then just helps planta grow it offers more to your reptile helps there cognitive functions help them see more colors be more aware etc it helps them unlock their third eye which is their pineal gland

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