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Lighting fixture dilemma

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We are in the process of building a cage. 2ft x 4ft melamine with glass doors. Looks great. We have 36 fixture UVB strip. We are stuck on the heating fixture. What kind of heating fixture do you use for mounting inside the cage?

Thank you!


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
If you're mounting it on a hard top, then you can use a standard screw socket and then just screw a basking bulb in. Using one with a built in reflector like a BR30/BR40 or a PAR38 will work and not require a dome to redirect light. If you're using a mesh top, you could just sit a dome fixture on top of the mesh or suspend it above that using an adjustable stand - that gives you the ability to adjust heat output by raising/lowering the bulb vs using a dimmer or dimming thermostat on a fixed basking bulb.
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