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Anyone know where to get a variety of light fixtures? because the one I have right now has a plastic clip around the cable which is attatched to the roof of the viv and the bulb and socket just kina hangs down by the cable and i would rather have a socket secured to the roof of the viv so that the bulb is as high up as possible since my viv is just 18" high.

And also what basking bulbs do you use? halogen, normal household bulb? any brands and models would be helpful! The lucky reptile bright sun UV/Heatlamp combined sounds good with it being really bright!



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If you go to Home Depot or Lowes, they have metal based flood fixtures for about $10. They would screw to the top of your viv, but you would have to wire it which isn't difficult. The total fixture is probably 6" in length between the base and the pendant.

For bulbs I tried standard round household bulbs but couldn't get enough directed heat at the basking site. So I bought 3 different wattage halogen flood bulbs and picked the one that got the closest to the correct temp. Then I added an inline dimmer to micro adjust the temps. If your viv is only 18" high, I'd start with the 45W halogen bulb first.


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Yeh i noticed some fittings in a home dept store wasnt sure about doing the wiring whether it would be difficult or not but i may aswell give it a try. Im using a 100w bulb by exo terra this now i think (neodynium) which is hitting the right temps but the tank is looking a bit dull so was hoping a halogen bulb (supposedly a 75 is correct for a normal 100w bulb?) would help increase the brightness suppposedly there much brighter?? was thinking about the exo terra sun glo or the lucky reptile halogen bulb, anyone have any experience with either of these?
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