Life under social isolation or mandatory "stay home orders".

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My wife and I are still voluntarily social isolating , NSW has flattened the curve , but there are still active cases of covid19 in my area and we are not prepared to risk unnecessary contact with anyone who might be covid19 infectious while being asymptomatic ( and not yet tested / detected by the sentinel testing that's being carried out here ), especially after literally 3 weeks of mass rallies all over the state..

Australia's daily Covid19 detections :

Australian lockdown stages

Highest stage of lockdown is Stage 5 = mandatory enforced STAY AT HOME ORDERS for everyone except essentials.
Highest level we had in Australia & NZ was Stage 4 .
Then loosen to Stage 3 if curve has been flattened.
Then loosen to Stage 2 ( where we were til this week , assumes only occasional cases of covid19 ).
Then loosen to Stage 1 ( where we were hoping be by then this month or end of July , ScoMo and CMO didn't expect Australia to be there originally til September or October , when JOBKEEPER and JOBSEEKER finish ) = new post Covid19 NORMAL.

The lizards, cooking and gardening are keeping us sane and my wife is also spending lots of time connecting with family by email and facebook and the phone and is doing lots of craft & Cricut stuff ( we are home bodies so social isolation is something we can handle - we just miss our grandson and son and the occasional visit from friends and family ).

Unfortunately a week or two shy of the NSW and Victorian governments "normalizing" things by letting larger groups to get together and just in time for the winter school vacation – Monday 6 July to Friday 17 July
… bummer kids :( , no trips up to the tropics this year , Australia's second wave of covid19 has likely started , it'll be another home holiday , or maybe a trip a regional intrastate area if they are lucky.

I predicted this back on 2nd June :

as a result of the Covidiot rally there in the last weekend in May .

The actual charts ( note the step change and then the rampup evident in Victoria's curve )

and more detail for last 2 weeks ( I think I can see a step change in NSW as well , but will need to do some LS analysis to see if the change is statistically real )

Very quick analysis is 8 June - 12 June ( too early to see effect of mass rallies) , av was 2 cases per day ( round down from 2.5 ).
After 12 June , av has stepped up to 4 cases per day ( a doubling , round up from 3.7 ).

My suspicion is the covid19 deniers wont ever admit they might have caught covid19 by fronting to be tested unless they are sick enough to call an ambulance , so it's likely to take a few more weeks before their infections become bad enough for them to be forced to go to the GP for treatment for "the flu" once they find off the shelf flu meds ( without Codeine ) are not helping ,so it's likely they will "soldier on" if they still have a job and spread their infection very widely or they are traced by clusters caused by their selfishness..
By admitting they attended a Covid Rally they will be risking to very steep fines from the NSW Police or the Vic Police and many of them will not be in a position to afford these fines , nor will their organisers or provocateers.

Victoria has had a step change to double digit new infections each day since Friday which is perfect timing for Covidiot rallies causing new clusters (none of these people bothered socially distancing or wearing face masks ), and recent mass BLM and anti-immigration detention rallies ( who at least tried to socially distance and most wore surgical face masks or N95 respirators) in the last week) .

How long are people who are infected with covid19 shedding virus in the act of living ?
I've seen lots of papers that indicate for several weeks even if they never become symptomatic ( so the strategy of wait til you have flu , cold or some strange symptoms is VERY FLAWED , essentially it seems if you have been exposed , you can become infected right away and even if asymptomatic ( and don't know you are infected ) you are spreading covid19 virus laden particles around everywhere you go and on everything you breath on or near from the 7th day and for up to 35 days (*!! 5 weeks !!! later If the cut off is 10%) , or 45 days ( that's 7 weeks nearly after infection !!)

Victorian Govt are saying about 75% are local transmission and are blaming
> community complacency
> stupidity
<== a GP locum working while infected ( he knew he was Covid19 positive and so far 8 people caught covid19 from him , he has no excuse , he's should have known better but ignored the rules )
<== staff at a Melbourne Motel Quarantine facility were flouting the rules and spread the virus amoungst themselves and to their friends and families
and only a small number of imports in this case.


Covid19 hotspots ( likely to be locked down and placed under Stage 5 (MANDATORY STAY AT HOME ORDERS)) , over 1 million residents are effected by this.
If people can't handle Stage 4 and Stage 3 , they'll find Stage 5 hard to handle , but most can cope as has been seen overseas in places like the UK, Italy, Spain, NYC.

So literally on the eve of relaxations in Victoria & NSW to L4 restriction ( to essentially the new NORMAL ) , the Victorians have stepped back up from L3 restrictions to L2 restrictions , looks like area L4 ( stay at home orders ) are are likely to lock down hotspot suburbs in Victoria , and NSW is talking about reclosing the Victoria - NSW border THOUGH the NSW - Vic border is open but NSW government advise very strongly that NSW residents NOT travel to Victoria , and that Melbournians don't come to NSW over the holidays.

ScoMo ( PM ) and the NSW Premier are very reluctant to reinstate L3 elsewhere , but this might be forced onto them ( even NZ has had new cases , imports ( a Brit who was given compassionate leave to travel to NZ to see dying parents who brought covid19 with him ).

Hopefully Victoria's Health Department can get control of this step change up to double digit new daily covid19 infections before it gets out of hand again like it was in March & April . At least NSW and Victoria are much better prepared now than we were in February and March and April to deal with covid19 ( a lot has been learnt , and we are bumping up sentinel and targeted testing , and have learnt from mistakes made (here and abroad)).

I'm very worried that one off tests are not enough to be sure someone is truly virus free. I think because of the test specifivity and sensitivity , and local very low prevalence of covid19 , at least 3 tests in series are needed to assure NEGATIVE tests are TRUE NEGATIVEs and not FALSE NEGATIVEs, and we are unwittingly giving people who might be asymptomatic but shedding virus freedom and a false sense of security.

<< edited for more clarity :

Here in Australia , population 25.4 million, we likely have under 2000 people currently infected with Covid19 , officially only 600 active cases as off today ( see )

So Australia's prevalence of Covid19 is way lower than 1% and this means PPV and NPV is very poor for the tests being used here ( nasal & throat swabs looking for RNA and active virus ), my calculations indicate a minimum of 3 serial negatives are needed to confirm TRUE NEGATIVE , but this is not what I'm told is happening even in nursing homes unless daily tests are done , every day for everyone .
Try getting people to front up 3 or 4 times over a week or so to get tested unless they are locked up in quarantine and have no choice .>>>

Up til Friday , NSW and Victoria were at logger heads with Queensland , South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory demanding they reopen their borders . This argument is now over, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia have all decided to delay opening their borders to NSW and Victoria residents for at least another month or two , to see what happens . Tasmania's moat remains closed , as does NZ's moat .

Maybe in a few months we'll be able to have my son and grandson visit us ( safely , without worrying about the possibility of them bringing covid19 to us by accident ). Very disappointing as we are missing them and were hoping to see both them over the Winter school break.

So we've been self isolating since early February , furthest my wife and I have travelled has been to mailbox and our greenstrip , and to my garage.

My Pajero hasn't been driven , even turned on , since Mid May , but at least I know the battery will remain fully charged because the starter battery has a 160W portable solar panel mounted just inside the back cargo bay door on a PWM charge controller , and the mechanic told me he thinks the car will be fine now even if I don't use for 12 months as all the fluids were changed in the last service, so if we need to use the Pajero for an emergency , it'll good to go at a moments' notice.

We are still getting all weekly shops ( meat , veg , fruit , and basics ) contact free home delivered, same applies to meds and medical needs.
And the lizards' needs too.
It's all ordered either online or over the phone and we use either PayPal or my visadebit card to pay.

My wife is an avid reader of "who done it"s , and is getting her reading fixes via her Kindle.

I've been dragging out some of my old research projects and reviewing them and looking for more up to date research , maybe to return on a parttime basis to research ( home based ).

My deck project is on hold for now , was hoping that ScoMo's HOMEBUILDER SCHEME would help give me incentive to tell my builder to get the ball rolling ( all I need is a DA ) and a start date , it's all pretty well designed and specified .
But the new COVID19 HOMEBUILDER SCHEME only applies to home renovations or home improvements or new home projects of at least $150,000 (fine if you are building a new home , or have a lazy $150,000 laying about that can be used immediately to do a MAJOR renovation or house upgrade ( ie add a floor , add more rooms ) , and then the government gives a grant of $25000. So it's way out of my project's league.
Same applies to my roll off roof astrography observatory project.


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I agree about the testing, especially with the rapid version.

So is this 'scomo' thing kind of what your country is doing in place of our 'economic stimulus' money here in the US?

Can you plug Michigan in to your formula? ?

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WinFam01":1vrwz34z said:
I agree about the testing, especially with the rapid version.

So is this 'scomo' thing kind of what your country is doing in place of our 'economic stimulus' money here in the US?

Can you plug Michigan in to your formula? ?

I don't know anything about the situation in Michigan (apart from it's going to be orders of magnitude more horrible cf where ( even cf with Sydney at the Peak and Melbourne now ) )
confirmed by this,9753,7-406-98163_98173---,00.html
if you can believe the stats , at 68,000 current cases in MI ( population 10 million ) .
You'll have a prevalence of 0.68%
Prorata that to Australia ==> about 200,000 , that would be an absolute disaster and we'd be at maximum lockdown for months under those conditions in an attempt to stop the spread,
Nor what tests are being done or have any sensitivity and specifivity data for the applicable tests being used in your state ( likely different cities health departments over there are all doing their own thing in a crazy uncoordinated mess , here there are only 2 levels in the health system ( Federal and State ) and the regions follow State's lead .
There's a spreadsheet that you can plug in the sens and spec , and prevalence and it'll spit out the PPV and NPV for the test or tests being done in series.

I studied the formulae in their online spreadsheet and extended it to 3 and 4 serial tests to investigate the Australian situation . Wasn't really hard as it's simply a probability based calculation.
ScoMo is the nick name for Scott Morrison ( the PM ).

Yep, everyone on pensions and govt allowances ( income support) had little batch of money given as "go and spend it" right now money in March , the princely sum of $750.
Lots of people ended blowing it on booze ( filled their spare fridges ) , others blew it on the gee gees , the dogs , or stocked up on fags or pot , others headed off to the nearest Coles , Woolworths , IGA or the local supermarket to stock up on dunny paper, mince, flour, paper towels and tinned goods to stock up their pantries, others promptly used to pay bills , very few ended up saving it (which was the whole idea - a short sharp economic stimulus to get more money spent and prop up the economy for week or so).

Then a few weeks later when the national economy was shut down and the borders "closes" they instituted the JOBKEEPER payment through the tax system that is supposed to go through the employer to the "stood down" workers $1500 per fortnight when everyone was shocked by mile long queues of people who had lost their jobs overnight wanting to apply for the Dole , the idea of JOBKEEPER is it keeps the employees on their bosses books and keeps them off the Dole queue and in theory when things renormalize these JOBKEEPERS simply return to work when called back .
At the same time , newly unemployed people who would have ended up on Youth Allowance or NewStart (the Dole) are now on an enhanced version the Dole called JOBSEEKER where they get a Covid19 Allowance of $550 added to their allowance to soften the blow.
HomeBuilder is a time-limited grant program to help the residential construction market to bounce back from the Coronavirus crisis.
HomeBuilder will provide eligible owner-occupiers (including first home buyers) with a grant of $25,000 to build a new home or substantially renovate an existing home where the contract is signed between 4 June 2020 and 31 December 2020. Construction must commence within three months of the contract date.
HomeBuilder will complement existing State and Territory first home owner grant programs, stamp duty concessions and other grant schemes, as well as the Commonwealth’s First Home Loan Deposit Scheme and First Home Super Saver Scheme.
you meet one of the following two income caps:
$125,000 per annum for an individual applicant based on your 2018-19 taxable income or later; or
$200,000 per annum for a couple based on both 2018-19 taxable income or later.
• you enter into a building contract between 4 June 2020 and 31 December 2020 to either:
build a new home as a principal place of residence, where the property value does not exceed $750,000;
or substantially renovate your existing home as a principal place of residence, where the renovation contract is between $150,000 and $750,000, and where the value of your existing property (house and land) does not exceed $1.5 million (pre-renovation);
• construction must commence on or after 4 June and within three months of the contract date.
very few home renovators will go even close to qualifying for this , you'd have to have a MAJOR project and not even upgrading a bathroom or a kitchen or adding a big off ground deck , or solar panels + storage , will come even close ( even combined ), the very tight time line is also a big obstacle to being able to benefit ( only people with a lazy $150k and a builder lined , with DA done and dusted , and everything sorted stand a chance to getting their $25k grant ).
IMO a scheme aimed at the rich end of town and no use to working and middle class families.
The Government’s JobKeeper Payment will help keep more Australians in jobs and support businesses affected by the significant economic impact of the coronavirus.
Under the JobKeeper Payment, workers will receive a fortnightly payment of $1,500 (before tax) through their employer.
The JobKeeper Payment is open to eligible businesses, not-for-profits and the self-employed who can enroll at
The Payment is available from 30 March 2020 until 27 September 2020 with employers receiving the first payments from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) from the first week of May.

What’s available and when
The Government has temporarily expanded eligibility for income support payments – including JobSeeker.
In addition, a new Coronavirus supplement of $550 per fortnight is available for six months from 27 April 2020.
You will be paid the supplement if you receive income support under JobSeeker Payment, Youth Allowance , Parenting Payment, Austudy, ABSTUDY (Living Allowance), Farm Household Allowance or Special Benefit.
If you are already a registered JobSeeker you will automatically receive this non-income tested supplement.

Some states have been generous with home improvement grants for smaller projects , ie NT , QLD, and WA , I live in NSW and am yet see what the NSW Premier ( NSW's head minister ) might announce to try to help the building industry when the Federal Government's HOMEBUILDER scheme fails to deliver any lasting employment in NSW in the building industry , maybe she's thinking the homes damaged by the bushfire disaster over summer will give NSW builders the economic stimulus they need to keep their workers busy ( unlikely in NSW as from what has been reported on ABC , very few rebuilds and repairs of homes damaged by the fires have been settled ( works approved by the insurers ) and a large number of the victims have found they are under insured , and a large number had no insurance at all ( they really needed covid19 , the economy disaster and loss of tourist income like a hole in the head ).

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If I was a believer I'd say I was praying I was wrong and my crystal ball gazing attempt on 2nd June was wrong , but alas it is becoming very clear the situation in Melbourne is much more than a localized cluster producing a spike in new daily cases , there are now nearly 260 new cases since 10 June , and there is no way of avoiding this , we now have the start of Australia's 2nd Covid19 Wave , we are past a momentary spike into a full blown ramp up in Covid19 cases ( this time it's focused in the Melbourne , but I don't think Sydney , Newcastle , Woolongong and Gosford area will be far behind )
My unfortunate chart

Taking NSW and Victoria figures , it the doubling rate is every 3 days for the last couple of weeks which IMO is terrifying and a signal it's out of control now and SERIOUS ACTION IS NEEDED NOW.

So looks like my wife and I are social isolating for at least another 3 or 4 months for our own safety.

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Army called in to lend Covid19 support in Victoria :

It's about time , hiring renta cops ( or untrained people as contractors who have no skills to guard people under mandatory quarantine is doomed to fail , as most of them just see it as easy gig and few understand how to use PPEs ) , QLD, NSW, NT, WA, Tasmania, and SA & NZ have all employed either the local police or the army or reserves to do this , having learnt from earlier failures back in March.

I took the steps of contacting the national broadcaster (ABC - 7:30REPORT) and the local state member to express my concerns and suggest what needs to be done to try to try to reflatten the curve (in Victoria)
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>; ElectorateOffice Charlestown <[email protected]>
Subject: Regarding poor advice continuing to be given regarding downplaying start of 2nd wave by CMO , NSW Premier & Vic Premier to the public.

It's pretty clear the situation in Melbourne is way past being a few isolated clusters , it's too widely spread and the numbers are too high to be just clusters.

I've graphed the latest daily infections for NSW and Vic

Doubling every 3 days !!

This looks very bad , nearly 260 new covid19 positives since 10 June to 24 June , this has dire implications for the capacity of the hospitals in NSW and Victoria to cope when seriously ill covid19 patients start showing up , and the cumulative curve since 10 June is very step too.

It is more than coincidental that the cases of Covid19 have taken off 10 days - 14 days into June , remember the Covidiot Rallies were in the LAST WEEKEND of May ( 30 May and 31 May ) , and this is perfect timing for the start of covid19 positives picking up see this

which clearly shows that asymptomatic covid19 carriers are shedding covid19 virus laden particles for from 10 days to 35 days from first infection and symptomatic covid19 patients are shedding covid19 virus laden particles even in the first 5 days from first infection.

The Covidiot rallies' protestors made zero effort to social distance and very few bothered to wear any PPEs ( face masks or N95 respirators ) and will be reluctant to admit they even have covid19 or come forward to be tested ( for fear of being prosecuted for breech of social isolation orders under Level 3 lockdowns ) so I suspect there will be many these selfish and foolish people who are continuing to live their lives as if there is no pandemic , perhaps even some who are intent on spreading covid19 to try to force a new wave and get Australia closer to "herd immunity" who are under delusion that R0 is about 2 rather than 5.7 for this nasty virus ( implication is that near 83% of the population needs to be exposed rather than 55% , calcd HI = 1 - ( 1/Ro )).

Why are the health ministers , CMO , and PM and premiers pussyfooting about with the true cause of the start of this second wave ( it's as if the Covidiot Rallies never happened , they dropped entirely off the news radar ) ?

My recommendations for what they are worth is that Australia assume WORLD's BEST PRACTICES to fight covid19 , were not there at the moment.

I think the NSW and Vic Health Ministers need to issue every resident with N95 respirators for their own protection for whenever they leave their homes to go to school, the shops, and use public transport. ( It's more likely we will see everyone using them this way than hoping people will find someone who has them and then buy them privately ( for obscenely marked up prices and perhaps end up with dodgey masks that are not as protective as advertised ) .
I have told by friends overseas by email and other ways that some nations in Asia and in the EU do this , why not Australia ?). WEARING FACEMASKS ( N95 ) MUST BE MADE COMPULSORY when ever anyone is away from their home.

They should also issue every family with sufficient hand sanitizer to carry each person over for month and continue doing this on a monthly basis ( free of charge ) while there is no vaccine .I also think maybe we need to have the Federal Government redo the Grim Reaper Ads ( aka from the A.I.D.s Pandemic in the 1980s ) but this time all that's needed is a change in the script to SHOCK complacent people into complying with social distancing and socially protective behaviours.
Grim Reaper ad from 1986 :

I also think if people were working from home until restrictions were relaxed, it must be made mandatory for them to continue doing so or their bosses be compelled to order their employees who can work from home to return to working from home (this will help immensely in stopping the covid19 daily infection curve from reaching the daily infections we say in the first wave's peak).

My approach is to use my knowledge and skills and to become a SQUEEKY WHEEL that's hard to ignore by keeping to the facts and showing I can back my observations and am making suggestions that are science based rather than just emotion and opinion based.

I am releaved the ADF has been called in to assist Victoria , I hope our state and federal leaders have the intestinal fortitude to make DIFFICULT and likely EXTREMELY UNPOPULAR decisions, this pandemic is not something to mess about with and procrastinate about.

I also would like to see the National Cabinet ( PM , chief ministers , CMO , Premiers , state health ministers , and Head of the ADF and Heads of the state Emergency Services & Police heads ) meeting and reporting every day again ( like they were in March and April ).
We flattened the once , we CAN do it again .

I worry for young families who are having to deal with huge household debts ( lots have negotiated rental "relief" which will come back to bite them when the pandemic / "recession" ( I think depression of 2020s ) is over and they loose the short term protection against evictions , and when their bankers ( for credit cards and mortgages and secured loans ) expect them to make up lost ground on repayments that were put in hibernation or reduced because of financial hardship.

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A battalion of the ADF has been mobilized to assist Victoria deal with mandatory quarantining :
Four states to help boost Victoria's testing capacity - New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland had agreed to lend Victoria some of their lab capacity in order to process the extra swabs.
Today is the ninth consecutive day Victoria has recorded a double-digit increase in the number of coronavirus cases, while some other states have gone weeks without a new infection.

About 1,000 Australian Defence Force personnel have been called in to help with the response, with a focus on the state's hotel quarantine program.

I think the NSW premier has to bite the bullet and close roads and bridges and stop trains and flights from Victoria to NSW for the next 3 months at least to try to reduce transmission of covid19 from Victorians to NSWelshmen . QLD managed it do this to the NSW - QLD border there in no reason why NSW can't do the same at the Vic-NSW border ( lots of it involves crossing a river , bridges are easy to block access to ).
When WA closed its borders on April 6, it essentially had to close five roads between itself and the rest of the country, only two of which were sealed.

But Victoria and NSW share at least 50 crossings of various sizes, meaning shutting them would be a logistical nightmare. << form control bubbles around the twin towns ( on either side of bridges ) , we've done this before in Newcastle after the earthquake - areas of Newcastle and Hamilton were only accessible to residents for about 2 years … so IMO this is a very lame excuse and can be done and should be done >>.

Australia's two most populous states also have a high number of border cities and towns that would be significantly impacted by any closures.
If the NSW & Vic police don't have the manpower to control the 50 border crossings ( about 2/3 of which are bridges ) , the ADF needs to be called in to do this , or the ADF reserves mobilized to control these border crossings.

Now 300 new cases of covid19 in NSW & Victoria since 10 June.

Will start seeing the effect of the BLM rallies from this week , on top of the effect of the Covidiot Rallies . Will be all over the place ( aboriginals live all over the country ) , and they will see clusters of covid19 in many places where we never saw covid19 reach in the first wave and it will be nation wide.

I will say it , I was really pissed off with the blatant disregard for everyone elses' health and safety demonstrated by the Covidiot rallies in Sydney and Melbourne on 30 and 31 May. And I expressed my disgust at the time.

I am also really miffed that the BLM rallies went ahead despite the PM and Premiers and health ministers and CMO and police commissioners telling them this is very dangerous in the midst of a pandemic .
But at least these BLM protestors tried to social distance and I saw on the news that many wore surgical masks and N95 respirators , so hopefully much of the covid19 spread that might have happened if they hadn't taken precautions will be avoided though they did travel from all over their respective states to do large rallies in most larger towns and cities ( including my own of Newcastle ) and will have been exposed in the process and taken the virus home after social events / after parties following their rallies and covid19 will very likely be circulating even in remote communities that never saw the virus in the first wave.
Indigenous (aboriginal) peoples here have poorer levels of comorbities due to their communities being largely very under privileged / very poor and this is a very dangerous situation for these communities ( one largely of their own making because their younger people have "a fire the belly" and no patience ).
I think they will have created a major virus catastrophy in their own communities as a result of their foolishness and will likely loose many of their " elders " and story tellers and cultural leaders / teachers as a result ( this is going to be devastating for these communities who are highly respectful of and hold their elders in great admiration :( ).

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The Victorians changed their mind at the last minute ( and turned around the battalion of soldiers when they arrived ) ,
Defence personnel 'turned back'
Confusion surrounds when Australian Defence Force personnel will arrive in Victoria following reports the state government has revised its request for troops to support a coronavirus response.
Victoria requested as many as 1000 army personnel to assist with the state's soaring coronavirus cases as it recorded the first Australian death in a month.The death of the Victorian man, aged in his 80s, which brings the national tally to 103. But the request has reportedly been scaled back to just 150 army members, with 850 defence personnel turned back today. It is unclear why the request has been renounced.
The ADF planned to assist with testing sites, logistics and transporting laboratory samples and travellers to hotel quarantine.

"We will have approximately 850 providing logistical support, and also providing quarantine support at hotels," Defence Minister Linda Reynolds earlier told Today.

ADF (soldiers) & Vic cops and medical staff teaming up at a testing site somewhere in Melbourne.

A monster sentinel testing blitz is also rolling out across 10 of Victoria's coronavirus hotspot suburbs over the next 10 days in a dramatic bid to contain the state's virus spike. << aim is test at least 50% of the population in Melbourne's hotspot suburbs , BUT these are NOT locked down YET , IMO these hotspot suburbs should be LOCKED DOWN IMMEDIATELY to keep visitors OUT and the residents IN , yes I understand this will be VERY INCONVENIENT to the people in Melbourne and Victoria at large ( vis a tiny state and everywhere in it is an easy day trip to and from Melbourne by car or train ) and would be UNPOPULAR , this is what was done in NW Tasmania , and in the Barossa Valley in SA , and those clusters were sorted very effectively >>.

While more than 1000 health officials have begun doorknocking the hotspot suburbs to ensure residents were sticking to government guidelines.
crazy …. Victorian State Government response to this 2nd wave seems poorly organized , but then NSW's response in the first wave was nothing to be proud of ( Ruby Princess fiasco , nursing home deaths , airport chaos ).

Coronavirus quarantine crackdown to stop Queensland becoming another Victoria
QLD Police will launch a crackdown on Queenslanders in quarantine to avoid the state slipping into another coronavirus outbreak similar to Victoria.
Almost 3,000 people are under quarantine orders in Queensland, with the majority isolated inside their homes.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said he had seen an increasing number of people breaching quarantine orders, as the numbers of COVID-19 cases declined in the state. "Don't think we're not watching you," Mr Ryan said. "We see what happens when you drop the ball on coronavirus."The issue for all Queenslanders here is don't be complacent, you've got to be compliant."

Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said some people had been breaching restrictions orders, by going out of their homes to shops, for coffees and to visit friends.

He said police would double-down on their compliance checks from next Monday including more unannounced visits and phone calls.

Regional areas with high transient populations, like the backpacker community in the Wide Bay, would also be targeted. "If they don't answer the phone when they're supposed to, if they're not where they are supposed to be in terms of their quarantine, we will take the appropriate action," Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said. "They need to follow their quarantine direction."

Outcome of Today's National Cabinet "Meeting / video Conf".

So at this time only state borders that are open are NSW - Victoria, NSW - ACT, Victoria - ACT .

SA - Victoria remains closed but special arrangements are in place for bordering shires.

SA <== WA , OPEN , but SA ==> WA closed.
SA plan to reopen to all state on 20 July.

But in NT tribal communities remain off bounds as do some areas of aboriginal run NPs.

WA - NT closed.

QLD - NSW remains closed.
QLD - NT remains closed.

SA and NT and Tasmania have all been covid19 free for over a month .

Tasmania is keeping it's moat closed until 24 July, when other states' residents will be allowed in.

NZ is keeping it's moat closed to EVERYONE and no Kiwis are allowed to travel overseas unless it's for compassionate reasons.

Australia is keeping it's moat closed to EVERYONE and no Australian's are allowed to travel overseas unless it's for compassionate reasons.

Anyone who travels despite restrictions must quarantine for 2 weeks . So this has killed off the winter Grey Nomad influx from the southern and eastern states to the north and the west.

States have power to keep people in hotel quarantine if they refuse coronavirus tests, CMO says
Emphasising the risk coronavirus could still be imported into Australia, CMO ( now Head of the National Department of Health ) Professor Murphy said reports that 30% of people who have gone through hotel quarantine in Victoria had declined to take a test were higher than other parts of the country.<< IMO they are selfish *****s !!! >>

Given the rate of new cases across the world was close to 1 million per week, Professor Murphy said hotel quarantine remains essential.
Speaking after today's meeting of National Cabinet, he said testing of people in hotel quarantine would be ramped up ( and is no longer voluntary ).
Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy has hinted people will be kept in hotel quarantine (for up to 1 month) unless they agree to take COVID-19 tests.
<< the recivitist test-refusers are a particular problem in Victoria , the CMO reported in another interview that this is not the case in other states . >>

And the runs on dunny paper are on again so Coles and Woolworths have reimposed restrictions on this and other staples .
Supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles have reinstated product buying limits across stores in Victoria in a bid to prevent a second wave of "panic buying". << these are now NATIONWIDE >>
Woolworths confirmed a purchase limit of two items on toilet paper, hand sanitiser, paper towel, flour, sugar, pasta, mince, UHT milk, eggs and rice had been reinstated due to a "recent demand surge".
While Coles revealed product restrictions had been re-introduced on similar grocery items, including limits of just one packet of toilet paper and paper towel. However, Coles' restrictions also applied to stores in Lavington, Albury and Deniliquin in NSW.

Noticed this last night when my wife and I were putting together our online Woolies contactless home delivery order , wanted 3 lots 500g of beef mince , but were restricted to 2 x 500g . Could have bought 2 lots of 1 kg or 2 lots of 2 kg of mince but we don't need that much and she didn't want to muck about splitting punnets of mince and bagging to freeze.
Only change we made when we noted the restrictions were back on was to get 2 loafs of sliced bread rather than one and one extra 500g bag of pasta.

Also noticed several air ambulance helicopters heading to JHH ( New England Regional Hospital ) today ( heard them flying over ) , so I suspect the major hospitals in Sydney are moving patients to regions as preparation for an expected surge in Covid19 patients from Sydney & maybe interstate transfers if hospitals in Melbourne get overwhelmed.

kingofnobbys Sicko
Original Poster
Coronavirus Australia news: NSW says travellers must be tested or face 10 extra days of hotel quarantine as Victoria runs hotspot testing blitz in Melbourne
New South Wales imposes a 10-day quarantine penalty on any returned traveller who refuses to be tested for coronavirus, as Victoria enters the third day of a testing blitz across Melbourne hotspots.
Finally someone has listened : refuse testing ==> you'll have to put up with 24 days enforced quarantine, they'll love that LOL.

Meanwhile closer to home ( in Sydney , my son lives and works there , yes his Artistic Gymnastics Coaching is back in action ( under restrictions ) , and I have cousins who live in Sydney and many friends there) :

Sydney Hotspot postcodes testing for COVID-19 at three times the average rate.
Some Sydney suburbs have recorded COVID-19 testing rates that are three times the statewide average with a significant spike in testing among school children since the beginning of June.

Schofields and Edmondson Park in Sydney's west and south-west have recorded about 31 and 26 tests per 100 people living in each postcode, despite having no recorded cases, a Herald analysis of NSW Health data shows.

Bronte, Woollahra, Rose Bay and Bondi in the city's east have each recorded about 20 tests per 100 people since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, and have a combined total of nearly 160 of the state's 3168 cases.

The average testing rate was 8.6 tests per 100 people across the 610 postcodes that were included in both NSW Health and Australian Bureau of Statistics data.

Sydney postcodes with below-average rates of testing include Cabramatta, Silverwater and Fairfield, with fewer than five tests per 100 people in each.
All six of the postcodes with the higher testing rates are in local government areas where the NSW government has encouraged people with symptoms to be tested and Schofields is near Caddens, where the outbreak at Anglicare Newmarch House nursing home occurred.

"That's an obvious driver of people getting tested, outbreaks that have gotten a lot of publicity make people more concerned," Associate Professor Vally said."People who are affluent also tend to have more discretionary time and could be more aware of recommendations."
He said different patterns in testing in particular areas over time may reflect growing awareness of the virus and increased access to testing facilities.

The NSW Health data also shows there has been a spike in people aged 19 and under getting tested since the beginning of June, with this group accounting for one-third of all tests conducted in NSW so far this month, up from an average of 11 per cent in previous months.

Professor Gregory Dore, a Kirby Institute at UNSW researcher and St Vincent's Hospital physician, said the increase is likely due to outbreaks of rhinovirus, which causes the common cold, in schools.

"What's happened is kids have gone back to school and there's been a huge increase in rhinovirus infection in the last month or so, so they've gone back to getting the cold and are passing it on to each other and to family members," he said.

There has also been an increase in tests among people aged between 30 and 39 in June. This age group also has the highest overall rate of testing, at 13 tests per 100 people, compared to an average of 10.

Symptoms of the virus are similar to those of COVID-19, likely prompting more parents to take their children to get tested and get tested themselves, Professor Dore said.

Total testing numbers reached an all-time high last Monday, with more than 18,000 tests conducted across the state in one day. << lots of people saw the writing on the wall despite the attempts to down play this by Australia's version of Fox ( Skye ) and Murdock press >>

There has been an average of 11,000 tests conducted daily so far in June, compared to 8500 in May and 4600 in April.

Professor Dore said the high testing rate was a key element in NSW's success in controlling the spread of the virus. "If you're getting more than 10,000 people coming forward for testing every day, even if you have an equivalent number of people with symptoms who aren't getting tested it's likely that anyone with COVID-19 would transmit it to people who are in the testing cohort," and hence it's possible for the Covid19 Tracers to work backwards in many instances and find the sources of these clusters He said different patterns in testing in particular areas over time may reflect growing awareness of the virus and increased access to testing facilities.

The NSW Health data also shows there has been a spike in people aged 19 and under getting tested since the beginning of June, with this group accounting for one-third of all tests conducted in NSW so far this month, up from an average of 11 per cent in previous months.

Professor Gregory Dore, a Kirby Institute at UNSW researcher and St Vincent's Hospital physician, said the increase is likely due to outbreaks of rhinovirus, which causes the common cold, in schools.

"What's happened is kids have gone back to school and there's been a huge increase in rhinovirus infection in the last month or so, so they've gone back to getting the cold and are passing it on to each other and to family members," he said.

There has also been an increase in tests among people aged between 30 and 39 in June. This age group also has the highest overall rate of testing, at 13 tests per 100 people, compared to an average of 10.

Symptoms of the virus are similar to those of COVID-19, likely prompting more parents to take their children to get tested and get tested themselves, Professor Dore said.

Total testing numbers reached an all-time high last Monday, with more than 18,000 tests conducted across the state in one day.

There has been an average of 11,000 tests conducted daily so far in June, compared to 8500 in May and 4600 in April.

Professor Dore said the high testing rate was a key element in NSW's success in controlling the spread of the virus.

"If you're getting more than 10,000 people coming forward for testing every day, even if you have an equivalent number of people with symptoms who aren't getting tested it's likely that anyone with COVID-19 would transmit it to people who are in the testing cohort," he said.

kingofnobbys Sicko
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Victoria has recorded 41 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, with emergency alerts sent to residents in two of the state's hotspot suburbs.

The state's Deputy Health Officer Dr Annalise van Diemen said the spike in COVID-19 numbers is very troubling.

"Obviously, we are quite concerned and that's why we have ramped up these efforts to really find every possible case that we can find in these areas where the majority of these cases are coming," Dr van Diemen told reporters.

"So we are very concerned."

My chart looks BAD !!

Still doubling every 3 to 4 days .

And we are yet to see the impact of the BLM rallies that happened in all major towns.
And despite travel warnings Victorians are still heading to NSW for holidays in Sydney, the Hunter and North Coast ( seeking warmer weather , can't go to Queensland or NT or NW WA as those borders are closed to them ) , and to the Snow Fields and ignoring requests to stay away.

NSW Premier has to bite that bullet and close the border or force all Victorians to go into quarantine on arrival in NSW for at least 2 weeks.

Yes …. I know americans, brits, and people from lots of other worse hit countries , will look at these figures for NSW & Victoria ( representing maybe 12 million Australians out of 25 million ) will be thinking " you Aussies are lucky to be living in Australia " as there is lots more covid19 prevalence in other countries . Australia is lucky like NZ in that we have a big moat and have governments who are willing to take appropriate ( all be it belated ) action , and here we are trying to stop under 50 cases per day , compare with the USA who just had it's highest ever record of NEW cases of 43,000 cases per day ( in places up to 100x worse on a prorate basis of covid19 in your countries ).

Australia's situation must seem like nothing to worry about to people in Texas, Florida, California, Arizona, and many other states in the USA where covid19 is out of control or second waves are starting, or to people in the UK , and many places in Europe.

USA population 330M, Australia 25M.

We here are well aware of this ( and are watching developments in many places in the USA, Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran and how medical systems are being overwhelmed .

These are situations most Australians are terrified of seeing happen here in Australia , and it could if this 2nd wave gets away from us.

Yes we are very fortunate to be living in Australia .

kingofnobbys Sicko
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Emergency laws & measures to be reinstated in Victoria to deal the Covid19 pandemic's 2nd wave and developments:

Suburban lockdowns and $1600 fines for travellers who refuse coronavirus tests as Victoria launches a blitz to control the outbreak - after an infected Metro worker sparked fears HUNDREDS may have been exposed.
Drastic new measures will be brought in to slow the spread of coronavirus in Victoria, including mandatory local lockdowns and $1,600 fines for rule breakers.

he Victorian government is considering the drastic new measures after 41 new infections were recorded on Friday - the highest daily increase since early April.

Suburban lockdowns in coronavirus hotspots are among the ideas being discussed by premier Daniel Andrews and state health officials, The Herald Sun reported.

There are also expectations ON THE SPOT $1,600 fines will be imposed on quarantined travellers << and residents >> who refuse to get swab tested for the virus .

Melbourne is now on high alert, after it was revealed on Saturday that a Metro worker based at Flinders Street, the city's busiest train station, was infected with the virus.
So far, 13 other Metro staff members have been forced into home quarantine, amid concerns the worker may have been infectious on shift.

If the rate of infection continues to surge with sustained community transmissions, police road checkpoints may also be brought in at six COVID-19 trouble spots - Hume, Casey, Brimbank, Moreland, Cardinia and Darebin.Victoria could be called to undergo another FULL SHUTDOWN.

Although the draconian measure would be unprecedented in Victoria, similar local area roadblocks were introduced in Tasmania when a massive outbreak occurred in the state's northwest in April.nder the heightened restriction, the only valid reason for leaving home would be work, study, essential shopping, caregiving and exercise.

One of the major concerns for Victorian health authorities is the alarming rise in the number of quarantined travellers who are refusing to get tested for COVID-19.

Up to 30 per cent of forced quarantine travellers have declined nose swabs. But simply dishing out fines is not easy as Victoria has signed up to a human rights charter which bans such penalties.

UPDATE : The Human Rights Charter is not an excuse ( Victoria's Premier ) has taken legal advise and no visitor or Victorian can legally refuse to take either the nasal swab test or the spittle test , if they still refuse to be tested , then they WILL BE QUARANTINED for 24 days ( in Victoria ) .

kingofnobbys Sicko
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Victoria 49 more cases confirmed overnight, returned travellers in Victoria must go undergo coronavirus testing or face an extra 10 days in hotel quarantine, Premier Daniel Andrews has announced, as the state's COVID-19 cases continue to climb.
Four new cases are connected to known outbreaks, 26 are from routine testing and another 19 cases are under investigation.

The figures came as Mr Andrews announced compulsory testing for returned travellers in hotel quarantine. Testing will be mandatory on day 11 of quarantine from today.

Mr Andrews said many parents had refused testing of their children because the nasal swab test was uncomfortable.

He added that from today, there would be the option for people to be tested via a saliva test rather than the back of the throat, which was " much less uncomfortable and much easier to do "

Those who refuse will have to stay in hotel quarantine for an extra 10 days, in line with rules imposed in NSW.

Before today, people have been tested with a swab taken from the back of throat through the nose.

The saliva test is available to anyone who prefers it, with the nasal test remaining an option.

Mr Andrews said other states had begun processing tests for Victoria so the state could address its backlog.

Mr Andrews said the Government was not imposing restrictions on movement in specific suburbs yet but warned it could happen.

"We're not going to change settings in the hotspot suburbs until we've completed and concluded the blitz," he said. "Test and trace is the most effective thing we can do.

If we have to implement a stay-at-home order, if that is deemed the appropriate public health response, that is what we will do. I'm not announcing that today."

Mr Andrews reminded people the virus was "wildly infectious" and said people in hotspots should get tested if they wanted to avoid "restrictions being reimposed".

He also said a spike in positive tests from routine testing had been expected. "When you test in this targeted way you are going to pick up more both symptomatic people who are feeling off and asymptomatic people << superspreaders who don't know they've been infected or are spreading the virus >> ," he said.

A shared cigarette lighter, has been identified as what led to outbreak in quarantine staff
Mr Andrews said the spread of the virus among staff working in hotel quarantine may have come from people sharing a cigarette lighter.

"[They were] keeping their distance but sharing a lighter between each other," he said.

"An innocent thing that can lead to transmitting the virus.
"There also seems to be carpooling arrangements between SOME staff, which meant they were in closer contact than we would like.

"People are door knocking offering tests, mobile testing will also be set up at workplaces," Ms Mikakos said.

New drive-through testing sites have been set up around the state.

A site at Monash University Peninsula campus in Frankston will open seven days a week from Monday.

A site in Malvern Valley will open from Tuesday to replace the drive-through testing site in Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in South Melbourne will also begin testing on Tuesday.

Last week, test sites opened at:
Great Ocean Road Health in Apollo Bay
Lorne Community Hospital
Keilor Community Hub
Bunnings West Footscray
Craigieburn Centre
Melbourne Showgrounds in Ascot Vale
Casey Fields in Cranbourne East
Broadmeadows Shopping Centre
IYU Reserve in Pakenham
CB Smith Reserve in Fawkner
Braybrook Community Centre.

Ms Mikakos also said 18 people had received the State Government's new hardship payment of $1500 for those who cannot access JobKeeper or sick pay, and 84 applications were being processed.
Metro Trains has confirmed staff at Melbourne's Flinders Street Station have been sent home to self-isolate after they came into contact with an employee who tested positive for coronavirus.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Metro said "thorough contact tracing" had been carried out by Metro "and a small number of employees have been asked to self-isolate until they can be tested".

"During the time when potentially infectious, the employee was not in a passenger-facing role," the spokesperson said.


Australia now back to the same level of Covid19 we saw on 15 March …. so 3 months of hardship and sacrifice and for my wife and I , 3 months of self isolation has been wasted AND WE ARE NOT AMUSED !!!

kingofnobbys Sicko
Original Poster
FACT CHECK TIME - No, wearing a face mask doesn't cause carbon dioxide toxicity
Meanwhile, fact checkers at AFP have taken a look at another coronavirus preventative being used widely around the world: face masks.

In one fact check, the researchers found that a social media post claiming mask-wearing "reduces oxygen up to 60 per cent", increased the risk of CO2 poisoning and led to more face touching to be misleading.

kingofnobbys Sicko
Original Poster
Victoria has reintroduced stay-at-home orders for a series of coronavirus hotspot suburbs in a bid to contain an "unacceptably high" number of new cases detected in the past few days.

From 11:59pm on Wednesday, residents in the following 10 postcodes will be restricted from leaving the home except for essential purposes: 3012, 3021, 3032, 3038, 3042, 3046, 3047, 3055, 3060, 3064.

This will be enforced by the Victoria Police. If people breach these resistions they will receive on the spot fines and it these localized lockdowns don't stem the 2nd Wave , all of Victoria is likely to to go back unto FULL LOCKDOWN.
That equates to 400,000 Melbournians in 38 suburbs who are back where we were in March , ie only allowed to leave home to:
> shop for provisions , go to chemist
> to go to work
> to go to school
> for medical help.

Victoria to lock down hotspot suburbs until at least July 29

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says anyone from one of Victoria's coronavirus hotspots is "not welcome" into the state and that people should assume everyone from Melbourne has the virus.

NSW Premier has urged NSW residents to reject visitors from south of the border.
"I'm very concerned about what's happening in Victoria," she said.
"Do not allow anyone from a hotspot in Melbourne or from greater Melbourne to come into your home — you have the right to say no."

NSW Health announced this morning that non-essential travel between Melbourne and NSW was discouraged and that it had implemented restrictions on Melbourne travellers from entering "high-risk settings" such as aged-care facilities. At this point the NSW-Vic border remains open and porous ( it's never been closed even at the peak of the first wave ).

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk this afternoon said borders would be opened from July 10 to all states expect Victoria.

SA Premier Steven Marshall has announced South Australia has abandoned its decision to open its border with Victoria to travellers from July 20 because of an ongoing surge in coronavirus cases in the eastern state, he conceded that the decision would have a "dramatic effect on the AFL" and would inconvenience travellers.

It reverses the SA Government's commitment last week for a full domestic border reopening on July 20.

But Mr Marshall said the move was to protect South Australians, because the risks posed by Victoria could not be ignored.
"We are increasingly concerned about the outbreaks that are occurring in Victoria so we are not in a position to remove our border," the Premier said today.

580 new covid19 cases detected in NSW & Victoria since 10 June , will likely start seeing the effect of wide spread localized clusters forming in widely dispersed regions if NSW and Victoria ( and other states too ) due to the mass BLM rallies 2 weeks ago .

kingofnobbys Sicko
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At least the Queensland , West and South Australlan state governments get it .

You don't need to be Victorian to get stung at Queensland border
People seeking to enter Queensland from Victoria will face a penalty of thousands of dollars if they seek to slip past the Sunshine State's crackdown.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk today announced the state's borders would open from July 10, but restrictions against Victorians would strengthen.

To that end, people crossing the borders will be asked to fill out a declaration confirming they had not come from or even passed through Victoria on their trip.

"And if you falsify that document, it's $4000," Ms Palaszczuk said.

Queensland has since mid-April required returning Queenslanders and exempt travellers to fill out a form declaring they had not passed through a COVID-19 hotspot in the past 14 days.

Those who had were required to self-quarantine.

But the new rule appears to be simpler and sterner, covering the entire southern state rather than a list of hotspots.

"Can I urge all Queenslanders - please do not go to Victoria," Ms Palaszczuk said.

From noon on July 3 - this coming Friday - anybody travelling to Queensland who had been in Victoria in the past 14 days would be required to undergo 14 days quarantine in a hotel - at their own expense.

This will apply to people coming in via the roads or the airports.

From noon on July 10, next Friday, anybody from any non-Victorian jurisdiction in Australia can travel into Queensland.

But they will be required to fill out the declaration of not having been in Victoria for the past 14 days.

Those who have will be required to pay for their own two weeks of hotel quarantine.

In a nutshell this is why WA , SA and Qld don't want any Victorians visiting . They are enjoying having a long run with no detected Covid19 spread ( other returns from overseas ) and they are very aware of how the pandemic is spreading out of control everywhere else in the world and have seen what happens when people and governments repeat the same mistakes made 100 years ago.

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