Life Story

Unable to care for a bearded dragon.
I am to mentally impaired from forced medication.
Slowly weaning off.

So it's a sad story.
I picked up a bearded dragon from fire & ice dragons
My bearded dragon caught the coccidia.
I medicated her, sold the 500$ dragon to a reputable rescue.

Got her better, using methods learned on this website and medicines.
The breeder sent me an hour and a half away to the vet.

I realized there was something wrong with me when I broke down at the vet and freaked out.
I didn't say anything I just got really emotional.
I started with Albon
And then used toltrazuril.
& that worked

Truly I am mentally impaired. IDK why Josh sent me an hour and a half away
Because then he started telling all the other customers to go to the 30 mins away vet and they'll give you a discount.
They do reptiles.

And then I got really happy my mom got me a shed....
A house to live in and it was uninsulated.
I noticed when my brother told me something about the house when he moved in and they did full insulation...
I wasn't too happy when my beardie oddly enough got sick.

I didn't know.
So i lived there for awhile and my bearded dragon got severely sick in that shed.
I went through treatments with her.
Fogged her out and nothing worked.
Eventually I took her to that same rescue hoping she would breathe normal again.

I never saw my baby again.
We parted ways.
I let her keep her carrying case and sent her with all her bugs and medicines :(

Truly I am sad.
There's nothing I can do and nobody cared about me at the time.

So here I am, living in an apt alone.


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The breeder at the time was truly disrespectful.
1 hour and 30 minutes? more like 1 hour and 45 minutes.
That was a drive.

At least I got to spend my time with a beautiful creature bred by the breeder himself.
Never buying from him again,, you know? but,, I'll buy from someone else online.

It's ALL about the UNBOXING.
Runs in my dads side I'm lefty.

He also breeds reptiles right next to SCOPE the cop shop.
I thought he worked with the cops I'm so mentally impaired...

I thought they were gonna do a sting operation on me..
He's that close to a cop shop....

Let's just say I'm excited to fly my saucer out of there & I'm ready to unbox my new baby dragon.
I'll keep you guys posted..
This will be fun

And thought that they were going to hurt me at the SCOPE location...
Just part of the illness I have.

Owning a reptile shop is a huge responsibility.
And he owns a lot.
He's got a small shop. A lot of reptiles.
He disrespected me.

I wear a covering
He kinda disrespected it...
I feel bad
IDK what to do.
UGH :(

My dads religion.

I'm Not Joshes pet reptile....I will say that about the royal dude...
I'm sorry I am way too attached to that reptile.

I hope people don't judge me or my family.
I don't wanna talk about it.

These creatures are beautiful

Josh was playing good boy while I was taking a full dose of medicines.
Get the brain nice & damaged for a reptile.

More brain damage and more damaged neurons to repair so that my next dragon will have a good life.
(These are strange and dangerous people sometimes)
They planned the whole thing

Who cares if we killed a few bearded dragons?

And you guys gotta take your pfizer vaccine for COVID 19.
I ain't taking full doses no more.
That Pfizer medication is disgusting!
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