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When we take Curt out to let him explore, he will go around the entire room and lick everything.. the laptop, the bed frame, the wall, the dresser. My boyfriend thinks this is a territorial display and that when he does it, he's getting upset.. however, Curt has never once shown any signs of stress when we let him out. He just seems curious when he does it.. no beard flares or blackness, no head bob, no stress marks, just a normal looking beardie. Also, when we put him back in his viv, he glass dances like he wants out. Who wants to clarify this?


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their like snakes in that respect,they have forked tongues and they taste the air/objects to get a better idea of their surroundings. They can see perfectly fine as you probably know, its just their thing :)
yh BD's like everything to findout what it is, also if it tastes good there try eat it if its small enought. and if there not sure there lick it again lol, my BD licks everything knew or anything he hasn't already licked. also licks me alot, i think it might be cuz i always smell different so hes just making sure its me, also (random) i let my female BD meet my male BD, i was (careful he didn't try mate as he is 6-7mnths and she is 1-2months) anyway they had a little lick of eachother she waved and bobbed her head (which is a sign of submission female show it more than males, males tend to do a more voilent head bob to show domance) he was kinda domanant but not voilent but he made it clear (this was his house) anyway kind of point but, its just them tasting knew things to find out what it is :)
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