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Libby hurt her wrist

Linda Chaklos

New member
Hi my bearded dragons name is Libby. She hurt her left wrist. And were I live vets that I called don't do exotic animals. I read something about using butterfly tape. I wrapped it. She flinched as I did it. But today she hasn't. Plus she has her arm out front of her. Yesterday she held it beside herself. She hasn't walked at all today. She is sleeping. What do you think happened to her
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BD.org Sicko
Staff member

Sorry little Libby hurt her wrist. Is it swollen at all?
We can review your tank setup such as the type/brand of UVB lighting & the supplementation to be sure she is getting
adequate UVB & calcium.
Has she tried to use it at all?
She could have fallen off of something in her tank. Do you have a hammock in her tank she could have caught her arm
in? If she has bone issues, falling could cause injury too.

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