LG ~ The Handi-Capable Bearded Dragon

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jscott":5fc8b said:
p.s. anyone else notice the beautiful rust colored spots on his back and the blue-gray side bars :mrgreen: ?
As a matter of fact I was looking at his pretty colors. :love5:
LG's house looks nice too does he seem to like the gradual steps better, Z&W do.
Hope you an yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :D

Denise Bushnell (RIP)

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He does have some beautiful coloring......Our little LG is becoming a very handsome young man!

His viv looks great....compared to mine's tanks, his looks like he's living in a luxury hotel! I wish I had the room to get bigger tanks for my three, but they get lots of "out time", so they don't seem to mind!


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i couldnt help but sneek a quick pic of LG as he slept :oops: . i love how he rests his chin on the back tiles:


awwww :mrgreen: ...


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beardie osk, thanks :D . he hasnt really utilized the other half of the tank that much yet. only today did he finally venture over to his habbahut to go to sleep. thanks again :wink: .

barbara, i did have a good thanksgiving, i hope you did as well :) .

yea, i think i have to scrap the ramp idea for LG. he is just too impared to really pull himself up any incline, no matter how suttle. i think putting a ramp in his cage will only discourage him from using the lower side. ill just stick with the flat setup for him, i might try the gradual steps too.

denise, he is isnt he? yea, i kind of go overboard when it comes to decorating the vivs. i try to make them as visually appealing as possible without taking away from the saftey and comfort of the enviornment.

i feel bad about not being able to take them all out every day but work is slowing down so ill probably be home more often :| . on the plus side, my dragons will get more "out time" :D .

thanks again, hope you like the pics :wink: .

kirby, i only recently started noticing his colors while zooming in on his scales in photoshop. i obviously didnt pick him out for his patten, i guess i just never noticed untill now. i also love how creamy white his chest is; Mayze's and Trouble's chest are darker. thanks again :wink: .




here is a video of LG drinking from a dropper:

he seems to like a few seconds of drinking then about a minute to get his breath.

thats all for now, more to come soon :wink: .

beardie osk

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I love getting my early morning fix of LG before work...........the video is priceless.........he has a little built in shelf to hold the water with his lower lip............precious boy, and handsome to boot! :love5: He responds so nicely to your kindness, Jason, very nice to


Denise Bushnell (RIP)

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I never noticed before how badly his bottom jaw overlaps his top one.... does he have any problems chewing, or eating certain things because of it?

He just looks so precious in that video....waiting patiently for "Daddy" to give him more! :D Have you ever tried offering him some sort of low sugar juice as a special treat? Mine all love apple juice, and Welch's Passion Fruit Juice! I bet he'd like it, and its a great way to get some Vitamin C into him to boost his immune system!


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he doesnt seem to have any problem, though he cant crunch the food up as well as T&M. im giving him all the proper nutrients and lighting, he shouldnt be developing MBD right :shock: ?

ill have to try that juice, it has to be 100% juice though right?

thanks again, ill be uploading more pics tonight probably... my friends camera makes it so easy :roll: .


oh hey i wantd to say, a REALLY good place to get used things like tanks and reptile supplies would be Craigslist =] if you dont already kknow about it, its a site you can go to, a classifieds sight. you can click on the city and state you are in and then you can browse classifieds under anything from pets to furiniture AND the best par is. you dont have to deal with shipping or junk like that you can contact the person who posted the add and ask to meet them somewhere or tell them you can pick it up, or if u offer a little more money sometimes (or just ask without offering more) they will deliver the item(s) to you, i have found it very helpful and low cost when it comes to caring for my reptiles I hve 2 leopard geckos and 1 beardie but may be getting more of one species in the near future =] i love these little guys their soooo cute.


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Hi Jason,

Even when things are rough, we are all still thinking of you and your babies. I hope your job hunt goes well, and everything works out right. And when I win the lottery, :wink: we'll have to get you set up as a real fulltime rescue for reptiles and amphibians! Say hello to LG and the rest of the family! :love5: as always!


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Hey I saw your tank and I need to make mine like that. I recently took in a juvi beardie who is very fragile and has mbd. He has no use of his back legs. I am afraid to put anything in his tank that he can fall off of so I want to raise the floor and make it a ramp like yours. How did you do it?
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