LG ~ The Handi-Capable Bearded Dragon

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beardie osk

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That was a fast shed, fortunately for him and you, cute little butterball...................... You know what I wanted to ask you with your last video, is LG's left back leg more than a stump like the others? I almost see a longer length or is it just my eyes?


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yea, his left back limb is about 3/4" long. it helps alot with moving around, it pushes while the two front limbs pull :mrgreen: .


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Yay! :blob8: A full body shed is always such a good sign. :D
I'm very happy that his shed went so well. :D

I know your very busy trying to support your little family so thanks for finding the time to keep us updated.
I have to keep going back to that last video though of him scurrying around the patio. :love5:
I love how he gets around as if that was the way he was meant to be.
What a little angel. I mean both of you. :wink:
And the loving little look that he always has in his eyes is just to precious. :love5:


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Hi Jason,

LG is looking good! :laughing6: I love it when they shed like that, but I'm always tempted to hold on to the skins, just because they are so amazing, kinda like holding on to special baby clothes! :love5: Then again, I'm a mom, so you may not suffer from the same problem! :roll:

Love to all your babies, whatever their age! :wave:

Denise Bushnell (RIP)

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I see that "beardie osk" has given you a new nickname..... you "cute little butterball".....or did she mean LG??? ROFLMAO

As usual LG looks great, and his having a full shed is proof that he's healthy and growing, all due to your good care.

Mayze also looks great, but Trouble looks like a an old "crankypants" in your signature pic. Is he still pouting because you separated them?


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hey everyone, this is butterball reporting :roll: :lol: ...

nothing much new going on, everyone is doing good. Trouble isnt pouting so much as relaxing; he doesnt head bob or glass dance any more.

im excited to say my friend let me borrow his camera again so i used it ASAP to take some high quality LG pics:




WARNING, this video contains extensive happy dancing, proceed at your own risk:

hope everyone enjoyed those, ill have a lot more coming in the next few days :wink: .


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LOVE the warning.. He's SO cute.. its so sweet the bond you have with him.. he relies on you so much, and he knows your there for him..

beardie osk

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Hello Mr. Butterball, oops, I mean Jason,

Just got home from time spent with family for Thanksgiving...............just love the pics, LG's color, and his lower jaw overbite..........I can barely take it.............really think Bella and LG are related somehow?????????? :) 8)


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i finaly got around to leveling out LGs tank. he really hesitates to go down to the cool side because its hard to get back up :( . i figure what good is a cool side if he wont use it, right?

well here are some pics of his new setup as well as some close-ups of him:













whew! i love my friends camera!!! its so easy to upload pics compared to my phone :roll: .

p.s. anyone else notice the beautiful rust colored spots on his back and the blue-gray side bars :mrgreen: ?

beardie osk

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Absolutely......... I see the colors............ very handsome............ the viv looks great too, do you see alot more activity with LG now that it's level?
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