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Hello, all! As you can gather from the title, I am the new proud parent of a baby/juvenile bearded dragon!

Say hello to my son, Ardbert (Ardie, for short)!


First picture ever from Day 1 (10/02/2020). He suddenly decided to eat that silkworm that was sitting there for a while as soon as he saw me approaching with my phone. :lol:


Shame he didn’t give me time to switch to video, so you’ll have to settle for before and after pics. XDDD


This one was from earlier today after breakfast. As you can see, he is a happy lil orange creamsicle with chocolate and orange syrup drizzled over him. -w-

Be thankful I am not typing this on my phone or y’all would be spammed with even more photos, HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA :twisted:

But if any of you are interested, I will plug his Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/lizardoflight/

I don’t know if we have any Final Fantasy XIV fans in here, but he is named after a character from that game because it just seems to fit perfectly (friendly nature, adventurous spirit, etc). Now if only I can get a clearer view for sure if he’s actually a boy because even the flashlight test isn’t clear for me. orz

Speaking of which, having hatched on 07/13/2020 according to his breeder, he is 3 months old now but a good 11 in (28 cm) long currently! Shoutout to Golden Dragon Girls for giving all their babies such a great headstart. :mrgreen:

I don’t know how common it is for new dragons to be instantly eager to explore and be perfectly calm about being handled within the first few days of arrival, but that’s how Ardie’s been! Hope I’m not misreading any cues though asjdjsjjjdnn

I have so much more I want to ramble and of course a laundry list of questions like a proper noob pet parent, but I will of course save that for the rest of the forums later. :p

Anyways! We look forward to meeting you all!!!! :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:


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Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 3
Welcome if you have any questions about his husbandry please ask


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It's always an exciting time getting a new beardie, I hope that all goes well with Ardie ! :) Post as many pics as you want, including his/her set up. BTW, I replied on the flashlight thread so if Ardie gives you the O.K to do the exclusive photo shoot you can post pics here so someone can determine Ardie's gender.

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Thank you, guys!!!! :mrgreen:

And I will definitely do that, AHBD! I never seem to have my phone on hand when I take Ardie out, but when I do..... :twisted:
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