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lethargic, eyes closed


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Thank you so much for your help yesterday. We lost her. We thought after she woke up yesterday and was awake for a little bit she had a chance. Unfortanly, with the lack of knowledge on our part and supplies she didn't make it. I appreciate your guidance and we did learn a lot in the last 2 days. I've looked at other site but through the forums on here I learned more in 2 days then the last 2 months. If we decide to purchase another beardie we will be better prepared. Thank you for your help.



BD.org Sicko
:(. I suspected as much - I am sorry about your baby- we have had a few on here the last few days pass- it is so heartbreaking for us too- as we try to help as much as we can- make sure you disinfect the tank before getting another one- rescue zoo meds wipeout- or F10 are good disinfectants- if and when you decide to try again please ask for help if you need it--- we want to see the babies thrive
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