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Ok so I got a 20L tank today (petco had their $1 a gallon sale) and just wanted to know if there is a list of things I need...just don't wanna forget something...here is what I'm going to be ordering so let me know if I forgot anything :D

Tile for floor
UTH (what size do I need? The one for 20 gal seems small)
Hide for warm side
Moist hide
Digital thermometer
Screen top

What am I missing? What about vitamins or calcium...what do they need and what brands are good? I'm also getting a low watt bulb I can put on a dimmer so it won't be bright in there. Just want to know what little things I'm forgetting if you could help me out! Thanks :D


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Another quick question...I have the 20L tank but was kind of tempted to bring it back and get the 40 breeder...would that be too big for a leopard gecko? Or should I just stick with the 20L?


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Hello there :)
I had posted something sorta like this one a while back,as I'll be getting a leo within the next few weeks.
If you havn't already seen this forum,I highly reccommend it :) geckoforums.net

As for your questions!
Everything you have sounds pretty good. For the 20L,I suggest going with one suited for a 30-40 gal. You'd rather have there be more than less.
You'll need a hide for both the cool side and the hot side. Keep the moist hide on the warmer side.
You need to have a capful of plain calcium (without d3) in the tank at all times,as well as some fresh water. You can also have a little container for their mealworms,dubia etc Make sure that nothing can crawl out! Lol
If your going to get a bulb,make sure it is one made for nighttime viewing,and that is a low wattage one. As for the UTH,you will need to plug it into a good thermostat,not a dimmer or a rheostat. The only way to ensure that it doesn't get too hot,or doesn't get warm enough is to have it attached to thermostat. I use a Hydrofarm that I got off of amazon for $30. Best thing to have.
The vitamin/calcium I use to dust is Repashy's Plus. You use it at every feeding,and you don't have to worry about using the right amount. The work is done for you.!
Depending on what age of gecko you get, a 20L might be the best bet. Some younger and smaller geckos get upset when they have too much space. I've heard of full grown geckos loving a small 10 gal instead of anything bigger. It all depends on the age/size of the one you get.


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Alot of the information I got was from a member on here called mudskipper. You can pm him and ask any other questions you might have. He has a few of them,and is very nice about answering anything you might ask. Even sent me pictures to let me have an idea of what he does :)


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Thanks for the info! I'll probably send a PM to mudskipper as well...thanks for letting me know!
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