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Hi, is gout suspected? Or I'm not sure did I sprain his leg, now more obvious is his left leg and still observing. The nearest reptile vet is an hour drive away, but my husband is on block leave unable to send in this week. Any home treatment I can provide if it's a gout or sprain?

Also, our vet told us in whole Malaysia only 1 educational hospital able to perform blood test for him and it is 4 hours drive away. That's the only way can sure is it a gout or sprain right?

For now we less suspect MBD bcoz we did an x-ray on 6 Dec 2023, after that we try our best to give him enough calcium and chasing him with UVB tube, would appreciate any advice on this.

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I haven't had any experience with that particular probiotic, it should be fine.
Crickets can carry pinworms, but if they are kept in a clean environment they wont pose any threat or cause any issues with your dragon. For cricket size, we all recommend to feed a cricket that is smaller than the space between the eyes to avoid impaction trouble.


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