Leatherback and/or silkback shed skin!!

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I know it's peculiar, but I'm looking for a silkback and or leather back shedded skin donor for my microscope project... I have already posted some pictures of normal scales, I'm eager to see what the leather and silks look like. thanks please contact me for shipping info etc... :) good day to all!


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I have a silkie and could probably send you some skin. With silkies the skin doesn't come off one limb at a time, it comes off in flakes. That shouldn't matter if it's under a microscope though. I could just send it in an envelope too. Pm me your shipping info.


I actually have a leatherback that is in shed as we speak! lol you can email me on my gmail account if you would like I can send it in an envelope as soon as it breaks away which should be any day now. My gmail screen name is grangerl1213! :)
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