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I have had my bearded dragon for almost a year now, when i first got him ( he was a rescue, missing a foot, but still very mobile) he was very active and would run a lot and explore, lick everything, head bob, everything a hyperactive dragon would do.
But now, a year later, he is 3 years old, still walks but doesnt sprint like he used to, is very calm, and all he loves to do is find a comfy spot to sleep (i.e on me or my pillow) when i take him out even in a new area. Unless he is outside he is pretty lazy. Is this normal?
I havent changed his setup other than replacing bulbs and varying the diet here and there since i have had him (believe me i went through a lot of research on this site to make sure i had the right setup, but ask if you want)

The overall question is, is slowing down once in a constant environment normal? Even if he's in a new environment (i brought him over to a friends house for a supervised beardy-play date) hes just plain lazy. Whereas her's was very active and ran around a lot even though she has had him for years!


The main thing to consider is that temperatures are correct, could you let me know these please. Also how are you measuring them?
Bearded dragons do tend to slow down as they get older sadly, my beardie is also 3 and he is the same so I sympathise with you, it's sad to see them like that when others are hyperactive. I think from what you are saying he is just lazy and there isn't anything to concern yourself with, bearded dragons have a personality and he may just be lazy.
I don't know if you hand feed him but sometimes hand feeding them makes them lazy as they just expect it in front of them, get him to move for his food and hunt. Try changing his viv a bit, give him a change of scenery. They can get bored being stuck in there all day so you could also try getting him out and petting him, when he tries to hide get him out and put him back in the middle of the room.
My beardie is the same, you have to let them get on with it sometimes, but its nicer to see an active dragon, he might snap out of it and it could just be a phase. Hope this helps, just ask if you need anything else, and let me know the temperatures.


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His temps are around 103 for his basking temp, as he likes it hotter. His ambient temp for the warm side is around 85, and the cool side is 75. Measured by infrared temp gun 2inches away, and his UVB is an 18inch 10.0 Reptisun UVB that is 7inches from his basking spot.

I believe all that is correct, I did quite a bit of research months ago, unless something has changed.

I think he is just maturing, and that I'll have to get used to it. I change the scenery every so often, and he gets a LOT of time out of his viv.


Your temps all seem fine and I cant find anything wrong there. When did you last replace the uvb bulb and can he get within 10 inches of it. Sounds like you are treating him well and doing everything you can so I think that its just him getting older. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.
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