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Lazy Beardie low appetite


BD.org Sicko
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Hi there,

I'm so very sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is never easy, and we always think it's our fault. The important thing is, you tried, and you showed this dragon love.

Many pet dragons go through their whole lives without ever having someone care about them or love them. Many dragons don't even get the chance to be with someone who would fight for them. You fought for this dragon, and he knows you did. He passed knowing he lived a life better than many dragons get a chance, he had someone who cared for him. I'm sure he is resting easy now knowing that.

Like has been brought up, ADV is very common in petstore dragons unfortunately. And it can come on very suddenly, and it kills very quickly in young dragons. It sounds like there was nothing you could have done besides what you did, you tried and you showed him you cared.

Don't beat yourself up, you did the most important thing you could've done for him.

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