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i had one dragon and i been breeding for two years now. when she scratches i put her in a tubawear ben thats filled 3/4 with warm paralite and she y bolays fine evertime. now i just got a 2nd one and this the first time im breeding her i put her in the same lay box and she's been in there for 3 days. she will dig only once in awile but today i found an egg of hers in the lay box but she still has more. now i called her past owner and he said he breed her once before me and she layed two clutchs and then she was done. i asked him what did he use for a laybox and he said he used play sand.
should i use play sand like her past owner did?? or will she at one point lay the rest???


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I sent you a PM as well, but now I finally got my photo bucket working here are pics of what I use. (ZooMed, Planatation Soil)


My female is in the bottom enclosure and I leave her lay box in there for a day or two until she lays. This type of laying medium retains moisture well without being too wet, if she hasn't laid within 2 days I may need to moisten it a bit but it hold a burrow well when she digs into it to lay her eggs, it won't collapse like sand

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