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Hello all,

This Monday I fulfilled my life-long dream of owning a bearded dragon!

His name is Henry and he is really really mad cute. He's very cuddly and loves to just sit in my hand or cling to my chest. I can do all sorts of errands and he'll just hang on there, with his eyes closed.

He doesn't eat much (maybe three crickets a day, no matter how many are left in his house). I'm hoping he'll eat more as time goes on.





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Terry15":clabnw9j said:
Henry is so cute and tiny. How old is he ?

Honestly, I'm not sure. The man at the pet store told me he was a "baby," but not much else. I've never had a bearded dragon before, so I'm just assuming he's over 2 months old (the safe minimum).

I'm so happy with Henry! He's unbelievably sweet. He loves for me to rub his head, mouth, and throat. I've also noticed that he sometimes closes one eye (towards me), and keeps the other eye open (toward the door). But he's particularly fond of closing both eyes when I give him cuddles. He even lets me touch his mouth!

While he isn't eating much, he does poop, and if I stop cuddling him for a while he'll jump around quite vigorously (i.e. on my laptop, arm, and so on). All in all he seems healthy to me.


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Henry is so very cute!!
Just one thing I thought I might mention, is that bearded dragons have a "third eye" type of thing on their heads that they use to sense heat with (that's why they burn themselves on heat mats - they can't sense that it is too hot for them), so while some beardies barely tolerate being patted on the head, some just make it clear that they don't like it. Sounds like you have a very mellow little guy.
Have fun with him, questions and photos are always welcome!! :D


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Hai gaiz,

Here's some more pics of Henry!

Very interesting to hear that the tops of their heads are sensitive... he really loves to get cuddles there. In particular he likes it when I hold his head between two fingers (i.e., one under the chin, and one over the head) and give him simultaneous cuddlins.

Eee! I love my dragon <3





Awww, he's so tiny and cute! My beardie loves getting pets on the head over that third eye, too. :D Looks like you have a super cuddly fella there!
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