• December Photo Competition!
    We are excited to announce the return of our regular photo competitions, starting things off with the holiday season! Gather the best photos of your bearded dragons... the theme for this month is "Fun and Festive!" For details check out the December Photo Compeitition thread.

"Kabuki" San Pedro, CA.

Hello! I need to re-home my beautiful Bearded Dragon, Kabuki! She is a sweet girl but needs someone more experienced than I, to love her. She is a Red Citrus Hypo Translucent Leatherback X Coral, Kakadu CC Red (Double Het). Born on 01/23/2020. Included is her "Thrive Front Door Terrarium Desert Essentials 40Gallon Habitat". Asking $400 but will entertain offers. Thank you so much for reading my ad.
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