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Just lost a Python at work :"(

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I lost a ball python today at work and I'm an absolute mess. He/she died in my hands and I can't seem to stop crying on the inside. He wasn't mine but he was my buddy. Non-reptile keepers just don't understand because compared to every other animal reptiles die quite horribly. I just need some support. This is the second reptile to die in my arms in the last six months (The first one was my beloved Beardie Lokki). Comisarating may do me some good.


I have put two beardies down and found 2 dead, RIP in sweet babies, all 4 were in a 3 month time frame. I completely understand how you get attached. Non reptile owners don't understand how one can get attached to a reptile but it is actually quite easy. They are amazing creatures that have personality and are all different. I hope you feel better soon. I pray you find peace and relief from the sadness you feel.


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I've always wondered why people find it hard to bond with non-fuzzy animals. I mean I don't particularly like hamsters but I understand the bond hamster lovers have. Why is it so hard to imagine that same bond with reptiles? I mean I have all sorts and have had all sorts of pets. Currently, 2 cats, 2 betta fish, and a diamond dove and I love each of them to bits. Maybe I'm just a sensitive soul but I've never understood why scales and spikes aren't widely considered loveable.
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