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Just as I suspected a year ago...my baby has gout


New member
Hey everyone, I'm having a really horrible time right now.

A year ago, we noticed one of Petunias feet were swollen so we took her to the vet. They did blood work, and 400 dollars later told me "everything looked fine". I was sent off with anti biotics and that was that. For a while, there was no more swelling on any of her limbs. The one foot stayed large and the rest of her seemed fine.

Now a year later more of her limbs are swelling and it looks so much worse. Took her to the ER again today and, what a shock, my original suspicion was confirmed and they said she probably has gout.:(

To top if off, hey said they don't have experience with gout and refused to give me an allopurinol prescription. Some exotic vet right?

Anyway, I'm just looking for help ASAP. I love Petunia so much and I'm so scared for her, especially if this condition has been "undiagnosed" for so long.

If anyone can help me please reach out. I need her to be okay ?


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
Hello Paul,

How is your girl doing today? She does have gout symptoms & the swelling is definitely
there. I think you can get that taken care of though, just keep the protein levels low to
moderate to help with her uric acid levels & kidneys.
Keep up with the black/tart cherry juice extract also, to help flush out her kidneys.

Let us know how she is doing.
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