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I have Toothless in a 40 gallon and he's probably about three months. He weighs about 35g and is probably about 8 inches long, including tail. The tank sits on this table thing on my side of the bed and the space between it and my bed is maybe a foot, foot 1/2, at most. I have a screen lid on the top and anytime I take Toothless out or back in, if I'm not cupping him really securely, he'll dive for the top of the tank. His life mission is to get up there and the one time I let him up there, he made this little half-leap, and almost leapt off the side. Whenever I have him out on the bed, out of everywhere he could go, he is determined to scurry over to that corner of the bed, facing his tank. If I have him in my hands and I'm in front of his tank, he'll leap for the glass and has hit his snout twice on the glass what sounded kind of hard. (He didn't act hurt or anything so I think he's okay) but I don't understand why he wants over there so badly. I don't know if he wants back in because when I lower him back in, half the time, he'll turn around and crawl back up my hand to get out. Mostly to aim for the lid of the tank. And he scratches to get out a few times a day. Does he want back in, despite trying to get back out when I do put him back.? Surely he doesn't see his reflection from across the bed.? (He doesn't head bob or any other dominance things like I'd figure he would if he really saw his reflection) How can I stop him from trying to take a swan dive off my bed toward his tank and hurting himself by hitting it or falling to the floor.? Is there some other reason he may be doing this or is he just... not so smart.?😅


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Zen , Ruby & Snicker Doodle
Thats his safe place, i have seen mine try to get back in if they feel stressed. As far as the screen, beardies like to be elevated so they can survey there domain lol. Maybe try draping a towel over his habitat when he is out, set something on it heavy enough so that if he leaps and catches it, it don't fall with him.

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