Julian is always Brown


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My lad julian is a adult male green anole. When we got him he was green and pretty. After about 2 weeks we moved my bearded dragons tank and forgot to cover the side of the tank. Poor julian had to sit there for a few days with a dragon licking his chops watching his every move. We took care of this but he still wont turn green. He cant see any animals.he lived alone until yesterday i got some baby american toads from my window well. I dont think he cares for them though. What do i do to make him less stressed. Also i never see him eat or drink. I refill his dish so he eats but how can i gain his trust to be able to watch him. Also im working on a 40 gal for him that hel live in with some other anoles and fire belly toads that i havent bought yet


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Do you have any pictures of Julian?
Are you using a UVB light for him also? He does need a good UVB light, that might help
him out. We can review your tank setup, lighting, etc just to be sure it is all correct.



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ty for replying, this is a pretty old post amd i found the issue. he does have uvb.i found that he didnt have enough greenery. that issue has been solved luckly.


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i learned on a few other sites that my husbantry could be improoved regarding tank sizes for him so when i am able to get the saw outside with out it being sooo icy haha he will be built a larger tank.


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alot of my husbantry could be improved a few months ago. im getting better and im learning about how i need to improove.
so far, ive moved my leo out of the 10 gal she had been in to a big bioactive exoterra where she has been really happy. (yay =D) i need to improove my dragons out of the tanks they are in now and into 4 b 2 by 2s and the anole. planning on using arcadia uvb and some dimming thermostats for each.

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