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I do not have a thread for all of my boys day to day adventures.
I will start one here. I have bunches of pictures and cuteness, but dont want to overload anyone, so I will add stuff along.

Waffle just turned 4 on April 2nd. I have had him since he was about 6 weeks old.
Sweet boy, laid back, doesnt like to eat half the time. And he hates my boyfriend Butch! :lol:

Foster is my Craigslist beardie. I had not been looking for another beardie, but saw an add on Craigslist that said looking for a home for 3 legged baby bearded dragon. Well, that was all it took.
He will be 3 on June 16th. I have had him since he was almost 6 weeks old. He likes to eat, and head bob and black beard, and just lay around being bright orange!

Brady is my newest baby, and was my 2009 Valentines Day Present. He was in a local petstore, he was missing an arm, had no uv light, barely being fed, very tiny, in nasty conditions. I tried for 2 months to get the store to give him to me, or sell him to me. They said they were keeping him as a pet. Finally my boyfriend got him for me for Valentines Day. I think he is a bit more persuasive than I am! :wink:
He turned 1 on August 1st.

I am going to post some videos in a minute.


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Hi Jennifer! :wave:
Haven't been around much as of late. Wanted to drop in and see how you and the boys are doing.
Are you guys enjoying the pool this summer with all this hot humid weather we've been having? My sister said there's been some rain up there.
I have asked her multiple times to send some to me, but nothing as of yet :( . Will you send some my way please. :wink:
Take care!


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Hi Jennifer!!! Glad your boys are well!! Cant believe I missed Foster's birthday - I've not been a very good bd.org member of late :( I am trying tho but my computer is pretty much completely broken and most of the time im trying to keep up using my phone!!


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Hi Dawn, thanks for checking in!
Girl it has been so hot and humid here too that it has been miserable. And we have been low on rain too, or I would offer to send you some rain ! lol
Are you coming to your sisters soon? If you are heading up to see her sometime let me know, I may have to try to head that way.

Hi Miss T. Thanks for stopping in. Dont worry about missing Foster mans bday. I havent commented on Kazis thread, but I have been keeping up with him. I am praying for you and him, and I really do hope that he is ok and that he is just having some crazy reaction to something and he will be ok soon. hugs


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Oh but I feel bad - iv missed sooo many birthdays (quite proud of myself today tho as I managed to catch Bliggy's!!)!

Thanks for the well wishes - my little Kazi-man is hanging in there!


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You know how Duckies lips are? I have been seeing that in a lot of beardies as of late. Not to the extent of Duckies but my male has a smaller less noticable starnge looking nose and one of my females have it too. I just wondered if it was more a defect than something like MBD. I know my beardies have been given enough calcium and are fed really well so I don't think that mine had that sort of thing. Just curious is all.


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Hey Rukia.
It is possible, or maybe Duckies was made worse by the MBD. The vet did say that it was MBD. Brady has a mouth that is slightly upturned, it always looks like he is smirking. I am not sure what causes his. They just like to make us worry and pay attention and go crazy over things! lol


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Happy Belated Birthday Foster! (I seem to be saying that a lot lately! :oops: )
Wish we could send someone some rain. It rained so much a few weeks ago that all my squash got soaked and went squish! Hope ya'll get some rain soon.
Wonder why Duckie still has an attitude problem. Ya' think he is blameing you for not rescuing him sooner? :mrgreen:
Sandy H


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LOL, Squish Squash!
You may be right, Duckie may be blaming me for not getting him sooner! His big ole grumpy butt!


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I have a couple of new pics of Duckie attacking a blankie that I will have to get loaded up here. Just wanted to post so that my thread did not get locked.


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Hey Lori. I definitely have not been on here as much lately, I need to get back on here more.
He was being such a butt head. He loves to bite. He was attacking and biting the blanket. Such an evil boy.


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Jiffy":s2r92kfo said:

Ok, I could not figure out how to post the pic here from Picasa, but did put a link to the 3 pics.

Hi Miss T! How is Kazi Man doing today? I am keeping up with him thru his thread.

Thought I would help a bit.


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