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Today was the first time I've ever seen my 2 1/2 year old girl Charlie with a black beard. It really shocked me!

Her behaviour was more active than usual today. She had a bath, did a poop,and we took her out on her lead. When we got home we put her back and she proceeded to stare at us, face against glass. Soon she started to glass surf a little (but no sign of black beard yet)

I told my boyfriend who is visiting from Melbourne to bring her to me, he said no she's been too "wriggly" today and said I should let her be. Shortly after this though she kept surfing and so i got up and to my shock her beard was black!

She doesn't seem to have any other symptoms that worry me right now.. but this is the first time she's ever black bearded before. I quickly took her out for cuddles and the black turned to bright orange right away.

My boyfriend then went out to karaoke with his cousins this evening and I put her back, and she was completely settled.

Given all this I began to wonder... was Charlie jealous?? I was rubbing my boyfriends shoulders in front of her enclosure when he told me to let her be. I am somewhat mostly thinking this is the case but I don't know if dragons are so sentient that they can become territorial over other humans. Anyone else had any experience with this? Or maybe I'm overlooking symptoms of something else?


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Oh believe me they absolutely get jealous, i have 5 and if any of the others see me with any one dragon, they glare and glass surf, and if that done work the sulk.

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