Jan 22 (103g, 12”) vs Apr 22 (204g, 14”)


Beardie name(s)
Falcon is 8 months old today and added on 100g !

First pic is from this morning at 14” long, 204g !

Second is was the day we got him (1/22/22) at 12” long, 103g

Question: unless he’s outside the tank, he isnt very active, just basks all day. Doesn’t run/walk around his tank. The only time he moves is to go to another basking spot or to have a bowel movement. From what I’ve seen online, some beardies can be lazier than others I take this normal ? He is my first reptile pet so I have nothing to compare him too expect ppl on this forum and Reddit.

I take him outside the tank for an hr each day (mostly outside to get real sun), where he explores and is alert.

He doesn’t have parasites, at least the last two fecal tests this past month showed, and his appetite is good. Ambient temps and basking temps are in the normal range. He has a 4x2x2 tank. He stays on the warm side all the time. His uvb tube is checked daily to make sure it’s in the normal range as well.

Is he just lazy ? Lol


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