Jack comforts his Mama

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This was a story I felt I needed to share...

Last night, my boyfriend and I broke up after a long relationship with many struggles. When I got home from his house, I took jack out of his tank and laid down with him as per our usual nightime routine. I let him fall asleep next to me, under the blankets then put him back in his tank before I fall asleep. I was really upset and just laying with him was starting to relax me when he crawled up from my chest to my face and licked away a tear. After that he laid near my neck and snuggled into my hair, every so often waking up to nuzzle my neck. When I went to set him in his tank he struggled with me so I laid back down with him and tried again later, same thing happened.

To know he could tell I was upset and didn't want to leave me alone just melted my heart. My little man made everything better and made me feel not so alone when I needed him most.


It's amazing how much beardies understand and the bond they have with each other and with us. No wonder we love them so much. You and Jack are lucky to have each other.


This is so precious. I'm just now getting into Beardies after buying my first one a month ago. I'm so in love with her and can only imagine how your little guy comforted you. So glad you have him!
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