It is 8 feet wide, 6 feet tall, and 4 feet deep HELLLLLLPPPP

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ChiTownns":78dd8 said:
Is this a bad idea???

:shock: for a single dragon? yesss its wayy over size and you'll need alot more uvbs, heatlamps to keep it correctly running, I have a 3x4x3 and it's huge.. luckily It isn't 4 ft long and it's 4 ft tall.


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If you cut it down to 2 or 3 feet tall it would be okay. Is it all one piece?? You could add in 'shelves' to make 2 or 3 seperate enclosures, each one 8x4x2 or 8x4x3, or you could even split it in half long ways as well to make 6 enclosures that are 4x4x2
Don't know what your working with though. Just an idea.
Inappropriate word removed by moderator,comments or words like this will not be tolerated. thats big enough for a few fully grown iggs


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That is a huge enclosure and I think a dragon would love the running room. But if a dragon were to fall from close to the top, even 4-5 ft it may injure itself. And the lighting/heating nightmares it would give you. ;)


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Dam this is a confusing deal I could get it for 500 and its cages by design but idk yet what ima do


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Someone mentioned turning it into two vivs. Is that something you may want to do in the future?
Do you have enough room for it? LOL I am running out enclosure room. ;)

Totally up to you with what you want to do. You don't have to use the top half for basking, lowering the lights enough for basking etc. Then there won't be danger of the long fall.


woah and i thought my viv was big at 6ft long lol.. think your beardie would love the spaceand like said if you dont do ledges too high and lower the lighting you dont have to worry about a fall.
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