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Hey guys,

So i must say that the stupid pet shop advised this first off. I bout 2 baby dragons, Tristan and Isolde. I had a 4x2x2 tank made to house them (as the vet said it was a good idea to get 2 for company)

Let me start by saying, originally there were both in a 2x2x2 tank as they were tiny when i got them. They seemed to be ok, eating regularly and constantly basking. I have since moved them into the new 4x4x4 tank, it hs 2 basking spots and a number of hides. Temps are all perfect, have them on repti carpet.

In the last 2 months Isolde has been constantly hiding, not basking, not eating veg. He will eat live food but only a small bit, maybe 3 medium to large locusts a day. He had been the fatter of the 2 but now Tristan is FAR fatter. Tristan will always eat his veg, always bask and always takes live food.

I had contacted the breeder but he assured me it was brumation but I am beginning to think it's not as I have read here that it cud be stress caused by dominance issues. I have seperated the tank into two 2x2x2 sections using thin piece of foam. Isolde has still been acting them same and it has been 3 days now, still hides all day, doesnt seem to eat much veg (has eaten a small bit) and is not basking. I have also noticed when I take Isolde out around the house with me he will always try to find somewhere to tuck in and sleep or snuggle up instead of exploring?

I suppose my main question is how do I go about getting him back on track? Is it ok to just use a divider (they 100% cant see each other) and what is the best method of bulking him up.

Just some info on both of them

Isolde Tristan
Age: 6 months 6 months
Size: 14' 10' (born with lots of tail missing)
Diet: Both on fresh fruit & veg everyday (well its offered) live food of locusts crix and wax worms.
Temps: All right - 105-110F basking, 90F wr size 77-84F cool side.
Tank: 4x2x2 with repti carpet and fake rock features.


your set up sounds fine for one dragon but they shouldn't be housed together. the one that's hiding is being dominated by the other. get them in to seperate vivs. once they're separated the weaker one will flourish.


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can i not just set up a divider in the one tank for the time being until they grow too big for it? I dont really have the money to buy another tank that size?


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Take out all hides for Isolde. Yes you can just divide it for right now as long as they CAN NOT see each other. Once you have taken out the hides, make sure Isolde can get to it's basking area or make a lower one for it since you have taken out the hides. You will probably have to force bask to get it to get back to normal and want more food.

Are you bathing them??


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yes both are bathed at least 3 times a week for about 20 supervised minutes. Tristan is being bathed almost every day as he scratched off his shed prematurely and I have him bathing in betadine and using thermazine cream to help the irritation.
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