is this poop normal? If not what do I do.

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I woke up this morning at around eightAM. And I went to go and check on my bearded to see if he pooped and I found this. Is this poop normal? Or is it too runny?

It does look a little flat and runny, usually they're more rigid, even if they're slightly wet.
No white pee stuff?

Maybe check what you're feeding him/her.

If s/he still poops like this take him to the vet to be safe (and take a fecal sample as well.)

Hope that helps.


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Hi, I’ve been feeding her 10-15 crickets a day as well as Romaine lettuce and peeled carrots. I’m not home at the moment, but when I get home I will make sure I check if there are any white pee. Thank you.
Hey. I would suggest not feeding Romaine lettuce as it has almost -to no- nutritional value. Kale, turnip greens, collard greens, dandelion greens, mustard greens and endive are good alternatives. The romaine is almost ALL water and really doesn't do anything for them (they also don't need a lot of water in their diet.) Also, depending on size they should be eating more than 10-15 crickets a day. baby/juvenile (young) bearded dragons should be eating about 30 a day (10 three times a day) or even more. Young should be on an 80% mean diet and 20% green veggies. When they are older it should be reversed, 80% veggie and 20% meat. I hope this helps and I hope the poo gets better :D


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That stool does look a bit too watery and loose to me. i also note that there is no white in it...Does he get a calcium powder on his food? If the stools continue to look runny, I would check into it further with a fecal test by a vet. But it may be a one time thing, and if so, I would not be overly concerned.

My boy Dezi once pooed a poo so vile and weird, it looked like an alien! I later watched him as he roamed his "lizard proofed" room, and he went over to one corner and ate some thing like a dust bunny mixed with some pet hair, and dead plant material off the floor! Oh yuck. I knew that was why he had such a weird BM. I cleaned the floors more carefully, to get up any hidden particles, and no more alien poo, ha, ha! So, you never know what they have got into. Just keep an eye on it, to be sure it is not a repeated event...
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