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Hi, i just bought a BD about 2 weeks ago, hes a couple of months old, and i was just wondering is it normal for them to lie flat on logs etc with their back legs sticking straight out behind them? correct me if im wrong but i think i read sumwhere this is a sign of indigestion? and that BD should normaly have their upper body in the air, but my BD is just flat out on his log. He is eating enough etc and the basking spot and cool end are within the ranges.

Thanks in advance



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They can lay in all kinds of strange positions. If your basking temps are fine and he has been pooing as he should, I wouldn't worry about it. My young dragon is laying out on her hammock like that now.

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It's perfectly ok if he's lying flat with his back legs extended straight out. That just means that he's really comfortable. As for having his upper body in the air, that's when he's trying to get closer to the heat source.
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