Is this enclose good?

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Hi everyone!

I finally finished my enclosure yesterday, after many many delays... But I would feel better if one or more of you took a look to tell me how I can improve it even more (I do have a few concerns).

I have an ordinary LED light on the left, to provide more light, and a heat bulb on the right. I have to work with a dimmer for the heat bulb, as it got too hot without, but I still have to fiddle with it a bit to get the right temps (24-29°C on the cool side, 35-38°C on the basking platform, right?) I also have a Reptisun T5HO, spanning half the enclosure.


The basking platform on the right and the hide on the left, as well as the bridges, can be removed for easy cleaning.


Yes, that's a toy lizard (my mum thought it was funny)




I am worried that the basking light is too close to the platform. It's about 14 cm/5,5 inches away from the platform. Is that too close? If it is, I can either take out the platform, or see about cutting a hole in the top of the tank (it's a glass top), so I can lift the basking lamp a bit.

I also worry about the tiles; they are rather small, a leftover from re-tiling the bathroom. I'm worried that my beardie will catch his/her nails between the tiles... Anyone have any experience with that?

I can't wait to get my beardie! I'm going to adopt one from the reptile rescue centre nearby. They offer extra help to reptile owners who adopt (like information and counselling).

Some extra questions: how often do you have to feed insects (I'm going with dubia) to an adult? How often do you have to use multivitamin powder and calcium powder? How big does the daily salad have to be?

Thank you so much for any help/remarks/counsel!



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Are the bulbs red? I can'ttell if it is the bulbs or the colour of the enclosure.

The one lamp does look a bit close for my comfort it all really just depends on how hot the platform gets though.

as far as feeding adults the mmajority of people will tell you two to three times a week for insects and daily with salad. The ssalad should be as much as the dragon will eat in like 10 to 20 mminutes it can be bigger so that they can go back and snack later but you want to make sure it ddoesn't dry up ( who wants a dry wilted salad... not me lol)

the calcium powder shouldbe every other day for adults and iIdo daily for jjuveniles

as far as the tile if they are pretty snug against one another there sshouldn'tbe a problem


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Thank you for answering! No, the bulbs are not red, it's the background (it turned out more orange than I expected, but I like it). The tiles are snug, so I hope it won't be a problem. I just want everything to be perfect before I get my beardie...

Thank you again!

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Hi Callista, you did a great job . :) Lots of room for a dragon to enjoy him/herself and get plenty of exercise ! Did you make everything yourself ? You are correct that the one light is too close, it is much too close. Basking bulbs should be at least 10"-12" away to prevent burn and eye irritation. As long as you can figure a way to re-do that spot you'll be O.K.


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Thank you, AHBD, I will figure out how to raise the basking bulb (though it'll have to wait until after the weekend).

Yes, I did do most of it myself. It took way too long, because I'm not that good at that sort of projects, but I'm glad I did it, I like how it turned out! I did ask my dad for help with the lamps (I know nothing about electricity), and I'll have to ask him for advise again to see what I can do about that basking bulb.

Thank you for the advice!
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