Is this dragon egg fertile?


So basically my female had laid a about a month ago, when it had laid the egg looked like it had bits of pink and yellow in it. I can't seem to see a red ring around the egg but on the left I can see what appears to be a vein in the shape of a lightning bolt and there's also an embryo inside it.


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Hi there, that doesn't look like a typical fertile egg but it may be. A candled egg at 1 month usually has very well defined branching out of many veins and possibly a shadowy embryo. Your egg may be normal or abnormal but as long as the egg is healthy looking , not moldy or extremely deflated, just keep it in the incubator.


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That's the predicament I'm stuck in. Usually a month in it'd be covered in mould and deflated if it was an infertile egg. Looks alright no kinks or bumps. I'll leave it the full incubation time and see how it goes

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Definitely keep us posted on the development of this, I will be interested to see if it is viable!

I've learned to throw every egg that doesn't come out deflated and clearly infertile in the incubator. A lot of the time eggs that seemed infertile at first end up being good to go. If one of my girls laid that, it would definitely be going in.

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