is this a real pic?

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I would say it looks real , not an expert by a longshot but some kind of translucent , dont take my word for it , just observing

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It's not a Dunner, one characteristic of a Dunner is that it lacks the rings, or bands around the tail. And if you look at the sides of the face and body you can see tiny, tiny scales, so it's not a silkiie. It is prob. a leatherback / micro leatherback possibly, and transluscent. If the eyes are black [ can't see for sure in the pic ] it would def. be trans.


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Reminds me of a dragon produced a few years ago by... if I remember correctly... atlantabeardeddragons, they're no longer around, but they had a seriously silver beardie that I fell in love with... It was sold, on here, to bloodbank (unfortunately). To my knowledge, they haven't gotten that color to show up again.


I saw something very similar at a petsmart in Durham nc. Don't know if they still had them ,I didn't ask about because usually the employees don't know anything about morphs or silkies or stuff like that. They were predominantly black with light brown checkers down the back all the way the tall. I can't remember what color the bellies were. I remember my wife and I and my sister in law thinking is wasn't stress because they were very active. They had been the for a couple of weeks. If I get back to Durham in the next few days I will take some pictures. I was very intrigued of the color, its cool someone else has brought this up.

Ps. They're were scaly and rough looking. For sure not silkie.


On further inspection these little babies don't look the same, but are very dark and have a leopard printed belly. They have some stress marks, but all babies do in the pretty store. I held the one show and was a happy, alert little guy. They had an older one in there, he is the other beardie in the picture. I looked closely at his belly, he does have marks, but for sure had the leopard print.


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