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Hi everyone,

For the past two weeks my beardy was refusing to eat, being very lazy. I've been force feeding for days on vet orders which she did pretty good with. She tested negative on a fecal test, but the past few days shes started constantly opening/closing mouth and swallowing. I took her in again yesterday and she has an infection in her throat. This is the second day of being on Baytril. All husbandry is proper, and shes getting daily baths. This was a very fast acting thing, the vet was confused as well.

She did okay with the force feeding this morning, but is now completely limp, not opening eyes. Beard and tail are not black. She occasionally gulps, but the saliva is starting to take over and build up. Is there any hope for her to bounce back, or are these her final moments? It seems she isn't able to handle the drug (I didn't accidentally overdose).

I really don't know what to do. Is it worth waiting or should I take her in to end it?

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Poor girl, how did the vet determine an infection in her throat ? It maybe a reaction to the Baytril. What exactly was the dosage ? If she gets through the night, cease the meds. It may be that she had aspirated some food in the beginning when she first began gaping and the vet assumed a R.I.

I'm really sorry that you're going through this. :( You might wait and give her a force feeding or meds.


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Thanks for replying. I don't know how the vet determined it, she took her in the back and look at her throat with a magnifier I suppose. The dosage was 0.12 ml daily, I don't know her weight, I didn't pay attention, but shes an adult that is a bit skinny from the whole thing, but not too bad.

She was actually doing the gaping/swallowing a little bit before I began forcefeeding, but I passed it off as trying to get off a shedding beard. The vet didn't use any magnifier when she checked the first visit, so it may have been very early stages and it was missed.

I haven't seen her gape for a bit, and can't see the signs of breathing, I don't know if shes even still alive. But I mistook her for dead when I picked her up 2 hours ago.

Do you think its worth giving her a little water orally to clear up the mucous, or will that only make it worse?

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Oh no, I am sorry to hear you lost your girl. :cry: My sincere condolences to you.

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