Is Tape Safe To Use?

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Hello, I know this might seem like a silly question, but is tape safe to use inside of my beardies tank? I just bought a new humidity/temperature thing and I wanted to stick it on the glass inside the tank with concord clear tape. It would be out of reach from my bearded dragon so he doesn't get stuck to it or anything.

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Hi, tape would be safe as long as the beardie can't eat it. Even then he'd possibly pass it with no problem but you'd want to avoid the chance of it happening.


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Ok, thanks for the reply! Just to clarify, the heat won't melt the tape and permit and toxic fumes either, correct?

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That could happen if it was too close to the heat source. By the way, those round gauge type thermometers can't really give a true temp. reading, especially when they are stuck to the wall. I used to just buy 3-4 small gardening center [ indoor/outdoor ] thermometers and place them wherever I wanted to read the temp. for a half hour, then take them out. Most people on here use digital ones with a heat probe or a temp. gun. I prefer the 3 thermometers myself. :)
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