Is she overweight?


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So, having just got off reddit where I was told she wasn't being taken care of properly bc I couldn't afford or find the space for a 120 gallon tank, I get told there that she's overweight and looks to be in bd health. Is she though? Keep in mind she's nearly 10 years old, and the vet hasn't really said anything other than that she was slightly anemic when we brought her in for a spaying last year, since she had something with her follicles, so she never ovulated. Also, she had parasites when she was very young, so the vet said that might have stunted her growth. I can get better pictures if need be!


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You can order them through certain companies, some of the members here can tell you the best places to get them. Medium sized dubias would be fine . Another choice would be large crickets but they can be noisy and not as easy to keep. A few berries are fine but it's usually recommended to go easy on fruit because of high sugar content. Karrie can tell you the best place to order dubia if you ant to try them.
Ill give it a try! Oh I forgot to tell ypu her name lol, shes Reptar!

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