Is she brumating? Or is she sick?

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Hello Everyone,

I've been watching my dragon very closely for the last month as I noticed she has hardly been eating. I will list some of her behaviors.

-She was born in July, I have had her since September. She is about 13.5 inches long
-I went away for a week in mid Feb. My boyfriend cared for her while I was gone and he informed me she wasn't eating her veggies. (Usually she eats everything I put in there, salad included)
-In the last month, she has probably eaten about as much as she would normally eat in 2 days
-She has not shed since late December/Early January
-She sleeps most of the day, but when she is awake she looks very alert
-She does not move
-I bathe her a few times a week, during which she drinks abundantly (while staring at me to make sure I'm not watching). She never used to drink in the bath before
-She is in the bath right now and made a clicking sound while she drank, for the first time
-I moved her into a 40 gal tank about 3 weeks ago, this is when she began to not move
-I increased her temperature, it is about 110 in the basking spot, she lays nearby it, but not directly under it
-She has a 12 hour day night cycle, with a ceramic heat bulb on at night and a UVB light on for a couple hours during the day

Anymore information I can supply?

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Well, at her age & size she should not have been brumating at all. She is relatively small for her age. Do you know how much she weighs?
What type of thermometer are you using?
Are you supplementing calciumon a regular basis? Which type & brand of UVB are you using? I noticed you mentioned that you only use the UVB for a couple of hours a day. She needs minimum 10-12 hours of UVB along with her heating from the basking bulb.
If she is lethargic, it may be from lack of UVB exposure. She needs to catch up on some growth as well.

Can you post a picture of her for us?



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Thank you for the answer!
I've realized she's small for her age. She hasn't shed for so long and my other beardie was much larger and growing like crazy at this age.
I am using a metal thermometer that I can move around based on where I have her basking light.
I have a coil bulb uvb. I know everyone on here says they are bad, but our local beardie authority (and her breeder) told me that he participated in a study for this particular brand and that it doesn't cause eye damage. Me still being weary I only have it on for a couple hours a day.
I calcium and multi vitamin all of her crickets, which she may eat twice a week (before she was eating about 20 a day and all her salad)
She does poop regularly for how much she eats, and the poops do look normal. I will take a picture of her immediately.

Here are some pictures within the last week, just need to charge my camera and Ill take some more.




Drache613 Sicko
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Well, good that she has not had any eye trouble with it. If it is placed at an acceptable distance away, alongside of a basking light, a lot of times there is no eye damage. However, she is virtually getting absolutely zero UVB exposure at all. The compact/coil lights new, are very weak for UVB emissions, but especially for bearded dragons who have very high requirements for UVB. They compact/coil lights are not appropriate UVB sources for bearded dragons, unfortunately. They need at least 8 but more like 10-12 hours of UVB exposure or they will not grow & develop properly.
She has not grown adequately because she cannot absorb her calcium & vitamins properly without UVB exposure because her body is not making enough D3 without enough UVB exposure.
She is not getting enough calcium. She needs calcium 5 times per week, for her age right now, & vitamins 2 times per week.
I highly recommend getting a Reptisun 10 tube bulb instead & I honestly think that you will see huge progress & improvements.
What type of light do you have for your other larger dragon?


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She is a very pretty girl but definitely small for her age. I agree with Tracie that she isn't getting enough calcium and that she also needs a Repti-Sun 10.0 fluorescent UVB.

I noticed that you said "I am using a metal thermometer that I can move around based on where I have her basking light." It sounds like you're using a thermometer that isn't giving you accurate readings and the only 2 ways to get good readings are with either an infrared temperature gun or a digital thermometer with a long wire & probe end. If she isn't laying under the basking bulb, it sounds like it's too hot for her. Are you using the heat emitter for the day and night? Or, are you using a basking bulb, if so, what is the wattage?

I also have a female that was born in July and she is almost 18" long, weighs about 370 grams. I have the Repti-Sun 10.0 fluorescent and she is getting ready for another shed. I really think you would notice an increase in her eating & growing if you get that bulb and have it 6 to 8" from her and also make sure she is getting calcium 5 days a wk & the vitamins 2 days a wk, you can even mix those with a little baby food or water to help get her taking it.

What greens are you feeding her?


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Hello everyone, thank you for the ideas!
I looked into the recommended UVB bulb, and I have determined that I have the exact same one in coil form. With only $800 to get me through to may (students), I am going to stick with this bulb as it is brand new. I have had the bulb on for 12 hours a day the last 4 days and I can notice an improvement in her. Yesterday, she was very active and moved around, alert, and ate vitamin coated bugs. No veggies yet but definitely an improvement. I'll look into a thermometer when school is done, I'm sorry I can't afford everything at this point. I am not too worried about her basking temperature, as she does not sit directly under the basking lamp usually, and she is in a 40 gallon tank which looks gigantic on her, I think she is warm enough and has enough places to go to regulate her body temperatures.

I no longer have the big one, he moved out with my ex, so I'm not sure what his living conditions are, sorry!
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