Is my beardie too small??

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My BD is coming up to a year in Feb, but I'm a bit concerned about his size.

What do you think? I would have thought by a year they would have been bigger.



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I have two beardies that are the same age but one is about two to three inches bigger. As long as he is eating and pooping, its fine.


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He does look a bit small for his age? Could you go over your set up so we can see if maybe there is something you could adjust, or if he is just a small dragon naturally?

How old is your dragon?
How long have you had your dragon?
How long is your dragon?
What is the sex of your dragon?
What size enclosure do you have your dragon in?
What type substrate do you have on the bottom of your tank?
Do you use UVB lights?
If so, Is it a coil, compact, fluorescent tube, or Mercury Vapor bulb?
What is the brand name and number of your bulb? Wattage (if MVB)?
How old is your UVB bulb?
How close can your dragon get to the UVB?
Do you use a separate basking bulb? What kind and what is the wattage? Is it a white or colored bulb?
What are the basking temps?
What is the cool side temp?
What is the night time temp?
Are you currently using any night time heat (colored bulb, CHE)?
Do you take the temps with a stick on thermometer, a digital thermometer with a wire and a probe end or a temp gun?
Where exactly are you taking your basking temps?
Do you use a heat rock or heat pad?
What do you feed your dragon? Please be specific.
How often do you feed and what time do you feed (morning, afternoon, night)?
Do you gutload (feed) your crickets, worms, etc?
Do you use vitamin or calcium supplements? What brand(s)? How many days a week do you use each of them?
Is your dragon having regular bowel movements (poops)?
Do you bath your dragon? How often?
Do you mist your dragon or offer water other than in the bath?
Have you gotten a vet check and fecal done?
Does your dragon share an enclosure with another dragon?
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The basking side of my tank isn't getting up to the suggested 100degrees. Does that mean I need to get a new basking light?
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