Is my beardie actually a Leatherback?

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Hi! I posted on here a few months ago when I first got my baby beardie, Colby. He's doubled in size since then, and now I'm wondering if he's actually a leatherback or not. Pet store told me he was and I was pretty convinced when I looked at him, but now he seems more spikey, just wanted some opinion on him!




If you need more pictures let me know and I'll post more. Thanks!


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Yes, he's a leatherback. He's what's known as an American leatherback. That means most of the scales on his back are smooth with a couple of bumps here and there. My girl is the same way.

If your dragon's scales were completely smooth with no bumps then he would be considered an Italian leatherback. A beardie with even smoother scales is called a microscale.
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Any thoughts an knowledge will be helpful. Thank u

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