Is My Bearded Dragon Blind!!!

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Not 30 minutes ago i dropped my beardie 3ft and 5in. Inferna is around 4 months old and after the drop she had a black beard for 1 minute. I held her and her black beard stopped. I tried putting crickets in her cage and it looked like she couldn't see them. I tried to give her her favorite treats and she acted like they weren't even there. I am worried she might be blind. Can someone help me? All she would do is go inside her cave and not come out. I had to put her myself under her heat lamp because she started feeling cold. I am very worried. This is my first beardie and I don't have much experience with them. Her eyes are still nice and golden but is she blind? Help please. :( :(

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Hi there, she's probably just very stressed from the fall. As long as she's walking O.K....that would be the thing to look out for after a fall to be sure there are no bad sprains or broken bones. She'll prob. be fine + start eating tomorrow. :)


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Thanks a lot! You are right, she has returned to her normal self, but when ever i pick her up she tenses and tries to run off my hand. I know this is probably normal, though. Thanks, again! :D

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I am glad she is alright. They react to stress in that manner, by almost freezing or shutting down somewhat until the stress decreases for them.
As suggested, just watch her behavior & monitor her appetite, etc to be sure she doesn't have any internal injuries. I hope all is well with her & that she isn't sore from the fall.



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I just almost dropped my beardie. I was walking pretty fast up the stairs and he was on my shoulder. well, he decided it was a good idea for him to jump. He jumped but, luckily, I have great coordination and caught him mid air. He would have fallen like the same distance. Probably more. Glad he is doing ok :D
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