Is lllreptile a good breeder to buy from?

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We got our guy just over a year ago from them, and he's been great, he's always been totally sweet and relaxed since we got him, he was on their site as a 8" red bearded dragon, now he's 21 and a half inches. Here's a couple pictures:


This is the day we got him


This was a couple weeks ago


What a gorgeous boy he is. His coloring has really changed since you got him. How much does he weigh? I've been worried that my girl is getting on the plumper side and he seems to be a similar build.


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Wow what a beautiful beardie!! Not really that red anymore though it looks like haha. Im glad you had a positive experience and the red beardie was the one I was looking at getting as well so that's also a positive! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and the pictures!
He's actually over 800 grams, I've been thinking lately he might be overweight but I'm not sure.

No problem highaltitude, before we got him I tried looking around on here for other people's experiences with lllreptile too. We had to have him shipped and I was worried about that.


Luigi's weight fluctuates around the 700g mark but she's slightly shorter in length (although the tip of her tail is missing). She's quite active but she does have a set of power-lifter thighs on her. I guess we either both have chunky dragons or they're perfectly normal. :lol:


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LLLreptile has a pretty active Youtube channel that includes videos of their husbandry practices. When I lived in California I also went to a couple of their stores, which as far as pet stores go, where pretty good regarding animal care. Not perfect, but pretty darned good for a pet store.

I do take issue with the large amount of wild caught animals they sell, but that's mainly about the reptile trade in general. If and when I get another reptile, it'll probably be from them.
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