Is it safe to put bismuth crystals around beardies???

I love how bismuth crystals look and i was thinking they would look great in a photoshoot with Aggie. But, i haven’t been able to find much on if they are safe to put around bearded dragons or not. Does anyone know? Thanks so much!


I personally would not chance it. If your beardie is anything like mine, he's gonna tongue taste it. It is a heavy metal, although it is on the low end of toxicity for humans. But who knows how much a tongue taste would give to a dragon. If you really wanted it for a photo op, I'd do something to make sure it does not come in direct contact. (I'm not an expert by any means, just saying what I myself would do.)

Claudiusx Sicko
Staff member
For a photo shoot they would be more than ok. :)

If you're concerned, you can always try sealing the bismuth first. But if the dragon is just going to be around it for a photoshoot, there won't be much exposure.

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