Is it possible for a new bearded dragon to brumate?


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Is it possible for a new bearded dragon to brumate? My female bearded dragon is almost 2 years old, I just got her recently (one month) and she has been lethargic, she's been in her cave for nearly 3 days now not coming out. Is she still adjusting or brumating or is she sick?

I offered her both greens and bugs she's not eating. The rest of her tank is on point in terms of UVB (Arcadia t5 12%) and temperature. Cold side 85F, basking spot 95-100F.

She doesn't come out to bask and she's has been very lethargic with a low appetite prior to her hiding.


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Try hand feeding, placing her in the basking ect. Watch for black bearding, wheezing,mucous snot ect. If none of this type stuff, she could be wanting to brumate. If thats the case i recommend collecting a fecal sample to take to the vet before you let her brumate, just as a precaution. DON'T let the vet do an enama on her for any reason, it's to dangerous. You need to take the sample in within 24 hours of her going potty.

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