Is it big enough?

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I have a bearded dragon that is 13inches long(he has a nipped tail-was a rescue-so he SHOULD be 14inches) He is done growing, he hasnt gotten any larger in the year ive had him. (dont worry i have done a ton of research to find the right diet for him so if he seems small..)

But to get to the point, my tank is 36in long 20in deep(wide) and 18in tall all measured from the inside walls. is this big enough for him? i have gotten the right temperatures, but is the room enough?

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Even for a small dragon the more space you can provide the better. If anything a larger tank gives you more room for furnishings and such. That said, the size you have should be ok for him, it's close to a 40breeder.


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I thought it was bigger than a 40breeder? I thought a 40breeder was 36x18x18

I have a 36x20x18 (custom wooden tank) and is a 40breeder big enough?

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Yeah, it's a little bigger than a 40 breeder and since your dragon is smaller it would be more spacious than for a bigger dragon. Big enough depends on who you ask, some folks really like the 40 breeder size. Personally, I think 48x24x24 is a good size - I wouldn't use something smaller and would go bigger if I could.

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I agree that the more space you can provide the better. I have an adult dragon in an exo-terra 36''x18''x18'' and it is enough room for him. He tends to stay on the warmer side most of the time. He gets a lot of time outside of the tank though.
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