Is he healthy


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Just wondering if my bearded dragon is healthy look at the picture he is 1 year old


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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
Just wondering if my bearded dragon is healthy look at the picture he is 1 year old
Cant tell ---- dragons will hid their illness if they are sick --- the key to a healthy dragon is their surface basking temps taken w/ a digital probe thermometer good UVB NO coils and a good diet

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It is hard to determine just by looking, do you have a full body picture of him? They do turn their
beards dark for a variety of reasons. His eyes look alert & he doesn't appear to be dehydrated.
We can review your tank setup if you would like.



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Luis and Lilith
Looks like he is shedding too, that can throw them of a little bit as well.

You can look at the fat pads at the back of the head, the hip bones and the base of the tail to determine if he's a good weight. None of these should be sunken or bony.

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