Is anyone going to the Reptile expo in Tinley Park chicago?

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Do you know what breeders will be there?

I've never been to a reptile expo...but am hoping to go to this one next weekend. Though, I'm scared of what I might end up bringing home with me. I'm a sucker for a cute little face :lol:
I am! We've been hyping it up to our kids as the weekend we get our dragon! I haven't the slightest idea what to expect!


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My Co-worker is headed there to Sell/Market is Gecko's. He supposed to keep his beardie eye out for me some good deals!


I am thinking of going and I think the breeder I got my dragon from will be there :) Well I know she will be there but I am not sure if she will be vending there or not


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Ahhhh! I wish I could go but I'm babysitting my 6 year old cousin this weekend and it's a 3 hour drive. Plus, I do not need the temptation!!
I'm definitely going to find one nearby to go to next year, when I'm ready for my first baby.
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